How can i Create account?

I have go on the UserCP and clicked on Add/Change Password.
But now, comes the message :

By default, your account for the serverlist is not created. In order to create your serverlist account, you must go into your UserCP and click Add/Change Password in the Manage Graal Account section of the Control Panel.

After you do that, your account on the serverlist will be created using the same login name you use for the forums: Rekon
but i have created the account…

can a admin take me on the Listserver??

That message up above is always there, don’t worry about it. lol

He was using his email as username…

we should add so you could login with email too just in case something like this happens again.
On GraalOnline they use accountname, email and communityname for logging in.

Oh . . funny. That sounds good Cadavre, it could help with err “That” crowd of people. :smiley:

so, thank you 4 help me, but i cant join on a playerworld, or i see no playerworld

sorry for my bad english

Bet he’s French.

German. Same shitty approach to english.

:confused: ok

Anata wa eigo o hanashimasu ka? (英語を話すか。):smiley:
Parlez-vous anglais ?:smiley:
¿Usted habla inglés?:smiley:

Sorry, I don’t know German :frowning:

Sprechen Sie Englisch?