How do i change my tileset

Hello. I’m tired of my classic tileset. i want to change it with another. how ?

Find and choose a different tileset and then put this in an NPC in your level:

if (playerenters) {
addtiledef YOURTILESET.png ,0;

Make sure your .png is in the folder that you save your levels to.

use addtiledef. An example would be:
addtiledef pics3.png,pics3_,0;

-pics3.png is the name of the tileset
-pics3_ is the name of the levels the tileset will shown in
and 0 is the type of tileset

Oh thanks ^_^. If i put the Mollusk’s script in a level that is connected with others via BMAP, the other levels get affected?

if you use the mollusks script the tileset will affect every level since every level name starts with “” a.k.a anything. I don’t recommend doing this because you won’t be able to see other tilesets until you do removetiledef; which will remove any definition of any tilest you have.

It might work but it’s a bad practice and it will piss people off alot if anyone goes on that server because it means they have to clear there tiledefs if they want to play another server that uses a different tileset. So with each addtiledef statement made you SHOULD ALWAYS include a level prefix. (sorry I had to really emphasis that point)

I assumed he just wanted to play around with another tileset; he probably won’t upload a server.
But, I agree. It may be a bad habit to not define your levels.

using the wrong tileset is the path to enlightenment… swim in the trees my children, walk on the walls, behold as thou god-mode on life…