how do i log in

wtf wtf yo :dangerless:

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i need the secret of how to play in this web/site pm me

what the fuck

You have to follow the directions in the “Notice” at the top of every page. Then, you have to download the game client in the “General Releases” section. Log in with your forum username and the password you created when following the “Notice” directions.

the fuck?

I still think that whole process needs to be tidied up for our simpler members…

off topic, is this another of beholders graphics?:

All you need to do is right-click the image to find out really. Lol
I have it on photobucket.

As for the process.
I’m sure we did have it announce in a PM that they need to set up a “Graal Account”
Don’t think anyone is into adding the “Graal Password” portion to the sign up bit.


I meant the overall account sign up for forum and list server accounts could be improved. Keep it simple…

Do you bother to read the friggin FAQ?
I made such a nice thread too!!!
Next time consult the Frequently Asked Questions section of the forums.