How do I log into the game?

You log into the game via the client. Use your Forum ID and the password you set for your Graal Account.
Don’t have a password set for it?

When you sign up for the forums. Your player account isn’t registered for the server list.
(So if you try to log in without creating your server list account. You get an error message. “Account Name or password is invalid.”)

So log into the forums, go into your User CP.
User CP link

Scroll down to the “Manage Graal Account” section. (It’s at the very bottom basically.)
Click Add/Change Password.

Now just type in the new password in the first box.
In the second retype the password. Click save changes.

Now you are done, you should be able to log into the game with your Forum ID (NOT your email) and the password you supplied. Have fun! :smiley: