How do i login?

I have no idea to log in and i need help plz… i have the user good and the ip and port all forwarded, but i cant get to login, cuz of the wrong pass

"By default, your account for the serverlist is not created. In order to create your serverlist account, you must go into your UserCP and click Add/Change Password in the Manage Graal Account section of the Control Panel.

After you do that, your account on the serverlist will be created using the same login name you use for the forums: sam6420"

aka, go here

Well you obviously didn’t read my post. :smiley:
I told you to PM me if you could not find the answer, and I would give you an answer.
Oh well, I checked the threads to make sure this question wasn’t already answer.

Well it was, just not in this Topic. lol

Anyways, just like Dontar said.
Go into your User CP, under “Managa Graal Account” click Add/Change Password. Supply the info and bang, it’s done.

Just log in with your Forum ID. Also the password you submitted into the Add/Change Password thing.

Thank you Dontar for your quick reply too.