How do I set up something like Joey's hosting?

Hello world! I have been thinking about creating a hosting thing like joey’s hosting, where anybody can sign up. The only problem is, I don’t know what I would need to do. I know that I should use a web host, but what are the requirements? And how would I get the GServer running on the web hoting service?

Anyways, if I could get joey himself helping, that would be great!:slight_smile:

ps: that smiley just looks plain sad…

sigh are you able to provide highspeed service at any time, able to hold servers that could get to be ANY size?
(I’m talking upwards to 10GB if someone would actually take a stab at making an actual server, along with others that would range somewhere around 1GB each, or maybe even 500MB)

Lol? Storage size is almost irrelevant, they don’t even sell hard drives small enough that Reborn’s server population could fill even if we quadrupled the storage space being used.

Maybe it doesn’t matter.
Still, you might want to consider stuff like that.

learn php. then rent a dedicated server for 150 dollars a month. yay for wasted money.

Yep. It will mostly be for my server (as a backup when joey’s is down for like a month, like it probably is right now), and less then about 10 friends of mine that wish to start a server. There are a few unlimited, free web hosting services out there that I can use, But I am not sure how to get it all running. Maybe I could use Brodie for this?

Anyways, if nobody is willing to explain something that will get me on the right track for making a hosting service like joey’s, then could somebody at least explain how I would get the GServer running online? Does it need a computer to run on, or would a web hosting service work? I would greatly appreciate any help.

And does anybody know why joey’s server is down? It seems odd that it would be down for such a long time, with nobody even commenting on it… Does this happen often?

And how do people respond so fast to my threads? It takes like 5 minutes and somebody already has a post up…

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and hosler, I find that you almost never post anything specific. All you do is state what I have to do, not how to do it. I’m looking for a tutorial here. I should have posted it in the tutorial section…
sorry for the double post

i already told you what you have to do. lol and yes you need a computer to run a gserver. you need to get yourself a server. either a linux one or a windows one. then set it all up to host web pages and gservers. then write a php backend to control the gserver.

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wtf do you want me to do? write you a book?

I’d PM Joey, but I doubt he wants to be bothered, and maybe others have done so already about the problem.

Funny thing is, he’s been on, so he must’ve seen the message already?

Will Joey’s hosting ever be fixed?


I am going to reply to those closed topic because even though the question was technically answered, you guys really failed to drive home the point in the most succinct way:

Web hosting services WILL NOT WORK.

What you want is a virtual dedicated or a dedicated server host. Virtual dedicated is cheaper (the hosting provider will put many virtual dedicated servers on one dedicated machine.) The gserver is a .exe file and MUST be ran on a computer. Web hosting services host a web server. That is it. They will NOT allow you to run your own custom .exe files.