How do you create custom weapons?

Yeah, well, how do you add multiple weapons? How does it work?

toweapon “insert weapon name”;

put that in an npc . as long as the weapon name isn’t the same it wont overwright them .

How do I make it work?

here’s an easy weapon.

toweapons Say Hi;
say2 Hi;

How do I make a weapon that animates? Like, move?

What exactly do you mean? Projectiles?

toweapon “insert various weapon”;

im gunna laugh even though thats silly haha

U need a gani first well idk if this is right or not I’m a bad scripter on my iPod and just gonna type in a random script
if (playertouchsme) toweapons Hug;
if(weaponfired) {
setcharani grab;
say2 <3; {
One of the worst scripters in reborn, right here, me

question sufficiently answered.