How far in Evi should I release?

Okay, I’ve been confused as to when I should actually release content full on now.

I’m planning on showing a bit in a “review” of the month at the end of the month through youtube.

I have this so far,

A working combat system including Swords, Daggers, Katars, Longswords, Halberds, Staves, Wands, Axes, Bows and a Skill system.
Status Effects including Poison, and Freeze. (Weapons can set these.)
I only have ONE weapon image currently that I’ve been using for testing everything but at the end of this month I should have about 5 of each type of weapon at least. Today I’m drawing food items (Fruit mainly so far :stuck_out_tongue: Basics.)

I’m also working on the world map, right now I’m focusing on “Ordeals” The middle of the map, this place is more or less the “Neutral” area of the world where leaders will meet. It is also it’s own nation, BUT it has no allies or enemies. This will be where the Events house will take place, there will be an Inn, a Pub, 3 playerhouse spots. Ordeals is surrounded by a pyramid chucked wall, the castle though for this nation will be underground of the surface and be a secret to access for now.

I will not be making over-powered staff weapons for myself so no worries on any of that, Nor will I actually need use of any of these I plan on just playing like a player half the time. Event items will consist of weapons, items or armor pieces that you can craft out of “Mystic Ore”(Event Currency). You can trade it in for Money or fun things as well :slight_smile:

Players will be able to join this nation as well if they wish to not take part of Nation Wars.

There is 3 other nations as well.

Hel, Surrounded by Mountains in a desert region in the West part of the map.
Svienn, Bottom part of the map surrounded by water, a port nation.
(I actually forgot the name for this one :frowning: Cant find my text doc), This nation is named but I have to find it >.>, This is the Nation of the forest, lies in the east part of the world, surrounded by plant life and a massive forest maze.

All together 4 Nations, but I’m currently working on Ordeal.

so, I’m confused to as when I should release honestly.

I already know I’m not releasing anytime this month(Lack of levels, and nothing to really do but play with test weapons and skill xd)

Classes WILL be made in the future but not for a long while (Levels needed, yet again)

To do before I release in my eyes:
-Get a good ammount of images complete including, Weapons, and Food.
-Make some monster images and script em (SINGLE PLAYER DUNGEONS ONLY ATM)
-Finish off Ordeals so there is a “test” type of town.
-Make the Mail Job.
-Make some Outland around Ordeals so there is places to adventure.

What else do you think I should do?

Sounds good Twiggy I don’t know what you should add on…
You pretty much covered Everything.

Twiggy, make 5 different copies of the dungeons you make, if 5 parties are in the dungeons, no one can enter the dungeon. Plenty of room, we only get 11 players (tops) in GR lately. So yeah, plenty of room.
(I was gonna use this in Zytixia, but I quit that project.)

Also, don’t make it like Zodiac where everything and everyone can be massed easily at high levels, that’s just… ugh.
(friendly piece of advice. : ) )

Maybe a story? :confused: I dunno, just something to think about for you I guess. Use it if you want. Other than that, I pretty much think you are doing a perfect job.

Or have the levels single player O.o There can be multiply people in single player levels, Yenairo, but nobody can see each other or the things happening on their sides.

I kinda just thought there would be people who want to do it with friends, maybe that would work best for the Tutorial levels?

Just make it public.

yea what he said.

Yeah that’s what I’m planning on since I don’t know how to use saves to make monsters and such work between players P: Makes it easier this way haha

There is a story actually :smiley: and there will be quests and I don’t like how Zodiac is, ugly images, it’s all about nothing really but people crying at eachother and doing nothing, I also don’t plan on making “weapons” and such drop from monsters so easy either O:

Only 2 stat points will be given on level up with 5 Stats :stuck_out_tongue:

Str(Melee Damage (Swords,Longswords,Clubs,Axes)
Endurance(Stamina Increase)
Dex(Projectile Damage, Katar,Daggers)
Spr(Lore Damage,Mana increase)
Vit(Armour increase,HP Increase)

So 2*100 = 200 stat points at level 100 with a max of 100 per stat + you can go over the stat limit by equiping a ring or an necklace :stuck_out_tongue:

Armor will only do Defense/Immunities.
Weapons will only do well, Attack,Status Effects
Ring/Neck will do the stat+ stuff :stuck_out_tongue: (+2 str) or so.

No, why release something with nothing you fool. All you would be able to do is run around and play with a Test skill, punch eachother, and use a sword ONLY if your class is set at Lol.

You start as just a Civilian, you pick where you want to start as well btw, you CANT start at Ordeals.

To leave the kingdom when you start you have to be over level 10 (This is the level you need for the first advancement onto a class)
There is going to be Civilian >> 1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 4

Max level is 100 (Like said before :p) So 1st = 10, 2 = 30, 3 = 50 4 = 75

Classes planned:

Barbarian >> Fighter >> Warrior >> Knight
Thief >> Rogue >> Ninja >> Assassin
Apprentice >> Adept >> Expert >> Magarian
Archer >> Hunter >> Sharp >> Sniper

There will be more in the future that will require some things :stuck_out_tongue:
You just aren’t going to become a class also, your going to have to do something for it I.E: Go fetch this, go kill that :>

You should make it so the first advance is just gained via level. :stuck_out_tongue:
Err “become a class” You don’t want it too big of a pain to do.

Anyway mate, I like the ideas you have. Though I’ve already told you so.

Well I could make it to where you just choose your path, but then how would you know how to learn the skills without a handbook givin to you by the Guildmasters help :o

The first advancement request will be as easy as hell is to get to :}

I plan on also doing a “Nation war” type event one a month to see the strongest nation, the winning nation will gain a new “Nation Item” which can be anything from a new weapon for when guildtag is on to a new building in the nations borders :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty much, whatever nation gathers the most kills wins (One day thing so pretty much 24 hours of killing who you can of other nations) O:

Plus, a Class is just a Classification of Characterization :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=Twiggy]Classes planned:

Barbarian >> Fighter >> Warrior >> Knight
Thief >> Rogue >> Ninja >> Assassin
Apprentice >> Adept >> Expert >> Magarian
Archer >> Hunter >> Sharp >> Sniper[/quote]

That’s too simple, I was thinking you would make it huge and complicated. Take Secret of Mana 2 for example, It has a light side and a dark side, ( sort of )

Oh well take it or leave it, just an opinion.

If you look at it, it’s already like that by default. lol

Warriors, sort of looked at as a noble type of class. Probably the “lightest” class you could be aside from something like a cleric/priest.
Archers, looked at in fantasy as an outcast of sorts typically, but a defender of justice.
Thieves, c’mon! It’s in the name. Evil~
Mages, people who wield dark arts. They have power from other worlds, how evil does that sound? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Mages can also be good :stuck_out_tongue:

It can always have an evil or good side :o

I’m keepin it simple haha

Thieves can also be good :o Look at Robin hood’s tight wielding crazed friends and himself.


You guys can choose if you want to be evil or good :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s gonna stay it’s way I was originally thinking of doing it that way, but I chose not too o:

Mages have devastating power. With power comes fear and corruption. Mages tend to be the “evil” of games. As for Robin Hood, he’s an archer leading a troop called the Merry Men. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, good idea to let it be up to the player. Will you have a fame that goes negative or positive to relay good/evil?


That was one of my plans a while ago so I most likely will consider it honestly P:

I wanted to make it to where you could kill citizens of a town and get guards called on you and such, but no NPC-Server so that would be complicated with no Gmaps present and such so I will be adding this in, in the future. But I dont know how well it may work exactly haha

Sounds like the idea I had for RoS. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe you can learn something from what I was told.

Here’s the responses:

If you want a npc that chases someone without using server strings or any form of npc server. Just build it into the player(run locally). Like C++ classes, that are activated when needed. If you want other players to see them, use a showimg over/under 200.

(If you don’t like showimg’s, you could also just triggeraction other player’s to start their own local interpretation.)

That’s gotta be put into a weapon. It can get real complicated, oo. Especially once you start trying to resolve the “host” client of the adjacent levels, since a simple isleader won’t work.

:0 Well, only if you want them to cross levels, that is.

You’re such a fucking suck up.

Maybe do like a Multi. class system like u have to be skilled in 1 thing and in another of the same level to unlock or to become another or something like that if u get what I mean, u wanna do something complex that can get very complex. like a Knight/Priest can Become a Paladin kinda ordeal. Example if u have Knight or priest both atlest level 10 u can become a Paladin. idk just an idea.

Keep away from Zodiac themes


To become different classes your going to have to find the guild and meet those guilds expectations :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be waiting on the guard system stuff :x
I don’t want to make an over-complicated system just for one thing o: