How long can YOU Nyan?

72 Seconds, then I said, “What the hell? A Floating Cat that has Bread for a body?”

its a poptart

Mine was bread.
*With an egg on it.

keep clicking lower the volume and it will go into Seizure mode :stuck_out_tongue: also, buttered toast :stuck_out_tongue:

im up to 1850 seconds as of this posting, I activated Seizure mode too :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: got bored and falling asleep at 3283.5 seconds

Once you get past 2000 seconds, you can activate “Karaoke” mode.

That is ALSO where the suicide emote actually works. :smiley:

I love it!

Nyan Cat has been my DP on Facebook for like 3 months now.
You guys are really slow.

Lmfao, I’ve known about this for months too… You’re pretty retarded to think we’re slow, lol. Maybe we just don’t all post random shit we find on the Internet…

I’ve known about it forever, as well. However, it hasn’t been posted here yet. And I needed to share the love.

How do you pronounce Nyan? Is it what I hear in the song? Or is it like “nigh-ann”

It’s Japanese for Meow, so you pronounce it like n-yawn

Meow is an onomatopoeia. Cats in Japan make the same noise as everywhere else.

The Japanese probably don’t want cats saying Miao in Japan.
They sound the same everywhere, but the Japanese just like to make them say Nyan, because that’s what they think they say.

And sing to music in the background

i hate nyan cat