How much do I have to pay...

How much do I have to donate to graal reborn before I reach god status(a.k.a. untouchable)?

One million dollars! (Bad refrence I know)

You know what the problem with you guys is? You guys need to learn to ignore shit. Re-read your posts and laugh at yourselves. Yeah this is mighty ironic coming from the guy who ragequit GR.

You know what the problem with Spooon is? He’s been around long enough to know that any project he puts effort into, no matter how long it seems to last, will always crumble apart and die because people get bored and/or start bitching amongst themselves even if he doesn’t do anything to provoke it. His account age doesn’t lie, and it’s not just to make him look better. He has been around since the beginning, and his cynicism is proof of the amount of projects he has slaved over without any result. You guys can think that he’s just sticking around to bitch and whatnot, but I think part of him really believes that one of you guys might someday pull it off.

My reason for thinking this? Why the hell would he continue to pay in donations just to watch these kinds of threads. No, really, if you were in Spooon’s position, would you really care enough to dish out money for this shit? Seriously.

That being said I wish Spooon were supermod again. There was a hell of a lot less bitching when he was in charge. The forums were actually consistently hilarious back then.

It’s true. I have been lurking from time to time to see if you guys would get on track without me. Phoenix looks awesome btw. I might re-download the client and check it out when I get a chance.

Part of me feels like I shouldn’t press reply right now. I kind of don’t want to get back in the habit of posting on here again. I blew it while I was here. I fucked up the forums and left a giant pile of shit behind me-- a 3000 post high pile of shit. But maybe you guys really do need a spammer on the forums to remind you that it’s not as bad as you think it is.

p.s. Doskashin you’re posting like a fucking idiot. Stahp.

The thing is that we rarely ban someone at all, because we don’t want to be as strict as the official graal forums that has been strangled so hard that no one wants to hang around there anymore.

Graal Reborn was supposed to be the opposite, the free Graal. You all as members has the powers to change how the community is. There is a ignore function on the forums, and you can just choose to ignore spooon alltogether. He’s not a moderator so he can’t really do any harm except hurt your feelings.

You may choose to listen and take the crap Spooon says or ignore it and laugh. It’s really up to you.

These forums never really needed a nanny, whenever you guys got a mod that did what you wanted to do, it didn’t turn out any better. And no matter if we ban Spooon or not, he will be able to come back under another alias anyway.

Finally. Someone else who has read the cantos and knows what a treeship is.!&p=106226&viewfull=1#post106226


I knew that was Yen.

If you kids channeled half as much energy into developing as you did bickering on these fucking forums, we’d have multiple awesome servers. This is the reason why a lot of older members, myself included, rarely come here these days.

Seems like Yen got wiser during the time absent. Welcome back!

I’ve seen some shit.


Yen, I’m so impressed by your new ability to convey and coherent thought that I don’t hate you anymore.