How to change the current tileset in a NPC script

Hey i have a question i wanna change my current tileset but i dont want to change the tileset in level but i wanna change the tileset for the whole server once like WEapon/-Tileset

addtiledef bla.png,1;

You already have it
addtiledef image,levelstartswith,type;

Leaving the “levelstartswith” area blank, makes it affect all levels.
However, “type” is important to be careful of.
0 is the “Classic” type, makes the tiles act as the classic tileset.
1 is the “New World” type, newer people will remember it better as being an “Era” tileset.

The image must have a palette size of 16 or 256 colors, or it will not be viewable in Graal v2

So i have to put it in a NPC script?

As always, yes. Weapons are NPCs as well.
Level NPCs are bound to the level, Weapons are scripts that follow the player around in the background.
Technically, with the addtiledef, a player only needs to run the script once; But “crap happens”.


When you addtiledef does it store on the account, or do you have to keep setting it on a per session basis?

Actually it stores in your GraalClient/levels/tiledefs/tiledefsServerName.txt file.