Just saying hello. My account name on Graak was Chicken_l33t maybe some remember me, but anywho g’day.

Hey man enjoy GR :smiley:

Greetings, this is ‘cling:Eye of the Beholder’, I recognize your account.

me too.

Thank you for the warm welcome :smiley: I remember you Beholder from back on Delteria and other places also, but mainly Delteria.

Pretty sure I seen you floating around BomyIslands too, lol

I’ve seen you around. Probably wouldn’t remember me. I was always on Classic or checking out a random server.

Dunno about Bomy Isle. I was going to do some leveling for koni, but that never happened.

I’ve worked as LAT on tons of servers like UN, SL, Maloria, heaps of Wan’s servers and others. I also ran had my own server on the hosted tab (Exodus)

I remember you :slight_smile:
Probably because of me you came back eh, what’s with everyone thinking Reborn is dead just cause we had a month or two of downtime? Bah!