HUD vs. GUI Debate.

What do you think that its called GUI Graphical user interface, or HUD Heads up display.

My opinion: HUD is mostly used for first person games I believe ive never heard it used in a game like Graal. So im going with GUI being the correct term.

I got in a huge argument earlier about this.

What do you think?

HUD : Heads Up Display

GUI : Graphical User Interface

GUI is a pretty broad term, it can refer to any display with graphics, HUD is just being more specific and limiting the term GUI to showing info on the screen. Tecnically a hud is an interface and is graphic so its a gui. There basically one and the same, ones just a big more of a specific term. However a gui is more used for the interaction side and a hud is more for the just reading side. It mainly comes down to how you interpret the english language but I win anyway :smugbert:

There’s not much of a debate. A GUI is just what the acronym states – a Graphical User Interface. It’s something the user can interface with, interact with. If there is no interaction and simply there to display information, then it is a HUD.

ouch, you beat me :facehoof: and only with half the words

Told you. :smug:


I agree with Riley.

Then why make a thread about it?

No, but him agreeing with you gives the impression he doesn’t really care about other opinions. If he had agreed with your point, and your point being “well GUI’s do this, and HUDs do that” then it’d be fine. But agreeing that he’ll call them whatever he wants makes the whole thread kind of pointless because none of it matters.

HUD = Display of information
GUI = Usable, clickable, in other words, not just for display.

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