Human Centipede

Who’s watched this movie?

i didnt watch it but i laughed at every tumblr post about it

I puked. A lot.

you should leave the internet if you puked at that :c

Oh, sorry for not wanting someones butt hole in my mouth…

I watched it. It was whatever. shrug Not scary, and I admit I have seen much worse online. I spent five bucks to see it onDemand, oh well.

because i was insulting you and this is exactly what i said


you are very squeamish for a person who uses the internet, you should not be on it

there, i clarified

I watched it, and thought… “How the fuck… wait wait… WHY the fuck would two women be caught in a raining forrest? Then knock on the door to see an obvious pedophile, and ask to go in?! Imbeciles.” Then I got depressed when he caught the Asian man.
And that South Park episode, I watched yesterday. I thought it was funny as hell.

meh… this is ollld, and pretty lame tbh…

I’m just waiting on gllt to find some kind of porn about this. Rules 34/35 exist for a reason.

but like tric said its old and boring

and technically is already porn in some manner

idk dont care

plus this is misc not /b/

That was done for a reason. lol

but i owned misc before i owned /b/
you should fear me regardless B]