i didn't die in a tornado i just lost internet for a while

i just thought you should know
since i live in Russellville, Alabama


cartoons can breathe in all circumstances its pretty useful

you live an hour away from me i think

Looks like you’re not living in Kansas anymore, gllt.

I never lived in kansas
fiztheancient lives in kansas

im from alabama
i lived in oklahoma
then i lived in alabama
then i ran to oklahoma
then i stayed two weeks in arkansas
then i ran to alabama
now i live in alabama

You missed my blatant Wizard of Oz reference.

No I didn’t.

no one missed it. no one cares.

I always care, I just didn’t participate. References can remain unanswered, I dunno what new dumb “internet rule” said they couldn’t. Back in the day aka when I was 9, we dropped 'em left and right without one fuck or regard about what someone else thought or did in response.

I’ll try to remember that.

It’ll improve your memory skills!

___Merged doublepost__________________

I <3 Quiet Clone