I don't spend all my time on the internet

Hey guys.

You are all kind of my friends. You should listen to my band. We recorded some crappy songs. I am the guitar player. So, listen to that part the most.


//begin the flames


That’s pretty cool!
You’re really good at the guitar :smiley:
I have a friend and he is 11 and he had a concert that sold out. He also taught himself how to play the guitar…

Those songs are actually pretty decent,theres professional bands and they sound crapper than that(not to say that your bands crap lol) so well done. Pretty nice guitar work, mix up some shit though and get some syncopation in maybe, it really does add interest and sounds really good if done properly. It would also make that boring drum part liven up a bit. Still good job :slight_smile:

Too bad you’re still considered a noob.

Oh, we’re doing it here? I was gonna flame him on his wall, too bad it’s not open.

we all love each other

you suddenly don’t feel as loved :smiley: