I feel like Beholder in highschool :O

lol I thought about that today cause there are idiots all around me in school rofl. I help some people with math.
except for I don’t have the tolerance to talk to them cause their annoying >.>. Meh just a thought.

People didn’t even attempt to ask me because I’d have turned them down.

hey spooon want to help me with my math :smiley:

What you trying to say xD

Depends on what type of math. If it’s Arithmetic to Calculus, no. If it’s “shut your fucking mouth,” then yes.

Shit he caught on!


“I feel like Beholder in highschool”

What, lots of older men giving you a creepy look when you bend over in the hallways?

Lol. I crouch down like im in counter strike instead of bending over.

Reminds me of some idiot I went to school with who couldn’t shut up and wore camo everyday for three years. He followed me around for awhile and chased off the girls being an idiot perv. I can’t remember what it was now, but he’d found some word in the thesaurus that sounded like masturbate, but meant chew. He got the biggest kick out of asking all the girls if they’d do that with him. Somehow he overlooked that the two terms were equally raunchy. I’m pretty sure he lived out of a cardboard box for the first year or so after he graduated…


IT WAS YOU!? I thought you moved to Japan or some nonsense…

Extra Large