I have a lover

What about you?

I have a lover.

I don’t. I repell girls. None of them like me. The only decent ones are sluts anyways. I just wish I had someone special, an asian girlfriend (^∇^)

I have a Lover (in real life not online)

Nope. Not in a hurry to either.

And I have had a couple, in secret. Shh.

I have a lover, I left my bondage girl during the weekend. She scared me, she wanted to “tie me up” o_o and do stuff to me. I was all… ehh…

But now me and my ex are talking again, the one I was engaged to. p: Talking about loads of stuff. Like getting drunk and calling each other and telling each other “I LUFF YEW” and such. Then when we are sober we are all “I miss you :(” and bullshit. o_o We dated for two years, then we broke up for like 3 months only. Magnetic forces are present.


that’s probably the biggest comment i can get away with on the subject on bondage on this forum


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oh here is my imaginary lover
ricky from oracle of seasons
well him and chip the cookie crisp wolf

I want a lover… This girl in my school had a crush on me once (for like 4 years) and followed me around the school yard for those 4 years. It was creepy

i wish cartoon animals would stalk me :[

i liek video games moar than girlz

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wait I do have some people that like me. Some black-French-pedophiles keep emailing me to come over to their house O__O

what?!!! you can play a video game for a hour or you can hang out with your girlfriend (and maybe “Get lucky”)

you can “get lucky” on igraal, which is what maybe benjiro does everyday, as a matter of fact, he might be the “luckiest” boy on the game

ROFL true, also many girls are sexually assulted on igraal, especialy on valontimes day, idk why they do (guessing one is benjiro who does it)

cartoon philia is great
don’t even have to leave my head to get lucky

lol! just LOL…


Lol, a lot of girls at school talk to me. I don’t ask them out because I’m too “busy” playing Graal all the time. See what Graal does to you? It makes you a fucking loser. (Yet I still play it…)



I’m just repeating what they basically said because its freaking hilarious

On the other hand my story is just sad

~~my waifu~~

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is it so wrong to love a cartoon???