I have a pic of a gun but duno

I Have The Picture Of The Gun But I Dont No How To Script it So i Can Hold and Shoot It Does Anyone No A Script To Do That If You Do i Would Be Greatful If U Let Me No What It is

Thank You :smiley:

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Your not very nice to me are you

Don’t Type Like This Because It Is Very Annoying To Read.

All I got to say is:
Learn to script.

Read npcprogramming.doc.

toweapons gun;
  setplayerprop #m,shootinggun;
  shootnuke playerdir;
  sleep .5;
  setplayerprop #m,idle;

You’ll have to make a gani, (open graalshop in your graal directory, developments folder) with the player holding the gun. Add the gun sprites for all 4 directions.

You could also use triggeractions, to do differn’t things or look differn’t on enemy impact. But that is probably out of your range for now.

i dont have graal shop in my folders do you no where i can find it

Does your graal folder have a Development folder in it? Should be in there. If not i’m sure the client download on the graal.in site has one in it.

Means you got my client release, yay :smiley: Were your ganis messed up? :stuck_out_tongue: