I have Spooon's phone number.


Not really, our conversations would be too awkward.

I’d rather have his address and show up with a nice, home cooked meal.
Ring the doorbell, hand it to him, and leave.


lol, I used to have Joey’s cell # for some reason. I have no memory as of why.

Also, I used to have Agret’s cell #, got it when I was in Australia on vacation.

I used to have Joey’s number too. :stuck_out_tongue:

My Google Voice is 1 256 668 8 first name no vowels

I went to go look up Spooon’s address from his old posts but I realized someone deleted all his pots.

:stuck_out_tongue: nice call haha


the superior unintentional pun



why do i even bother

What’cha numba?

like omg lets exchange numbers and txt each other!


sex messaging system

sex messaging system
sex messaging s
sex m s
s m s
suck m s
suck my s
suck my socks
suck my socks!?

If I wanted to hear incomprehensible babble i’d try and make conversation with my sister, I have no need for spooons number and request you do us all a favor and erase it from memory / wherever you have it stored.

That is all.


Where did beholder go?