I haz epic battle with Spooon ...and lost.

We had an epic Harmonian battle for king of the thrown…I was defeated.
I demandz a rematch.

Sell tickets

Right now?

Nah, not right now…I gotta work early in the morning …but sooon…Spooon.

I killed Spooon for it - suckers. HAHA

I remember sending Spooon to happy land – it was real fun.

When did you kill me?

Damn, you Spooon…I was aiming for 100 AP…and you forced me into hostile activities…lol

That sucks.

Adventuring in Happy Land:

I shouldn’t laugh…I died there too.

You missed my swearing fit in Happy Land.

Yeah, I missed that…
But, I can find lotz of swearing by you on the forums:)

There should be no swearing in Happy Land you asshat.

I do what I want!