i hope you guys..

the server was deleted and i made a new one named Xerinia

can i please know:

  1. who choose spooon to be in charge of playerworlds
  2. why did they choose spooon
  3. and will skittlezplayground ever come back, it doesnt not show on the server list in rc

And just to let you guys know… i might have been mean to spooon but why is it such an offense if he hated you first for no reason at all…

This post is not intended to offend anyone, it is simply to find out what is going on

You remind me of me when I was ur age. But then my balls dropped :O.

Because he never summoned you to a level where you are being pk’d by some pansy with a lvl20 sword and infinite health.

That’s a hell of a stretch in logic O_o


But the poor Skittlesplayground… soylent green is made out of people, hail satan!

The LAT skills are horrible on that server (Skittlez) I am glad it is gone, it was an abomination.

By the way I do not appreciate the intended guilt trip

All I have to say to tricxta and caleb is… fail.

I know i am new and i probably have no place to say this over the community but im going to state my opinion becuase thats how i am both positivle yand negativley

  1. Don’t use your age to make people feel bad about deleting your server… a 13 year old shouldnt be working on a server anyway, its a waste of time on your part and on your staffs part

  2. The servers mapping was utterly disgusting and plain

  3. You were a terrible owner, you were corrupt and immature ( guys just a btw i worked on his server at first these are the reasons i quit)

  4. It’s COMPLETELY unorganized and thrown together

  5. Don’t cry over work that 1) you didnt do and 2) it wasnt good in the first place

NOW--------- Positive

  1. It was kinda messed up to delete the server over a grudge (please dont comment on this im ignorant to the subject im only stating my opinion to the situation i understand from the posts before this)

  2. Now you have another chance to rebuild your server and actually make it worth playing, my server may not be good yet but thats because im taking time to organize all my maps images ect into a group so when its all read y i can lash out with alot of updates on the server. Try to try again with the motive of actually creating something… Unless your goal was to make a cluttered mess of unnecessary junk.

OK SORRY im done my flaming now

The server wasn’t deleted. close this waste of time thread…

you stupid mother ****** malin stole heaps of shit from ipod graal which was already stolen but i put a lot of time into latting those levels, they may have been shit but that only coz i was by myself with little help here and there but no real main support. Before you start to fukn criticise a server you have to know the complete background of it you MORON!!!

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thats where your wrong but right… Right from when i found out about graal reborn spooon for no reason started being an ass to me so one favour deserves another…

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your a bitch…if it was so horrible why did you play it… in fact if it was so BAD why did anyone PLAY IT!!!

Psst!:they played it coz the admin on there invited there friends to graal reborn which explains the numbers.

SO FOR ALL YOU STUPID BITCHES saying that it was terrible and a waste of time playing WHY DID YOU PLAY IT!!!
EAT on that!

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all i have to say is your a jerk and i hate you!

No wonder no one likes you. Jeez!

people like me, everyone just dont know it >.>

Thecfunny thing is, one we saw how shit your server was, we all left. Not to mention the fact of you stealing other peoples hard work. You really are a dumb fuck arnt you? Do you really think you can pick a fight with the whole of gr and win? Gtfo I say. I was willing to be nice to you, but after You stole my stuff, acted like a bitch, and thought you were a genius, now I want to troll ur every breath.


I hate waking up to this shit. yawn Closed