I just passed my English 102 class..

… with an A-. 93%

I carried half of my grades over from the Spring semester when I took a withdrawal passing from this class because I was overloaded and stressed. Essays 1 and 3 were the grades I carried over.

60% of my grade is comprised of four essays. One expository, three literary analysis. 15% each essay, basically.
5% is participation. Reading quizzes, showing up for class, paying attention, etc
5% is the final quiz, which was a short ten minute test this morning on 15 literary terms.
30% of my grade is a research paper.

The whole class DEPENDS on you writing a research paper that scores at least a 60 or so, and that’s if all your other grades are pretty excellent.

Now, I got an A, another A, a B, and an A again on my regular essays.

Here’s the point of this topic: I’ve never written a research paper. Period. I skipped the one in English 101 because I was overloaded and stressed too, and I still magically passed that class with a B thanks to extra credit. (I guess.)

I’m also a 9th grade drop out, and I never took GED classes. I technically took twelve hours of GED classes, but it was AFTER I took the GED and scored 3160 on it, which qualified me for a scholarship that I never even applied for. The instructors and faculty signed me up for it after seeing my score and made me take the twelve hours to qualify for it.

So, I have no experience writing a research paper in highschool or in college, and in general I was pretty afraid. I had no help when writing my research paper this semester, it was a summer semester too, so I had very little time to write it.

I wrote this paper in three days. NINETY FIVE, A+
And it will be used as a future example research paper by my instructor.


Sweet dude! And welcome back! :slight_smile:

That’s academics for you. My final quarter in college I wrote 3 research papers 15+ pages on various international dilemmas, conflicts, and policies and spent about a day total on each. Those papers were pretty much the entire grade. Like 60% of each class.

I wasn’t talented in high school or anything just a normal guy. But, I got two A+ and a B+. Research isn’t hard, it’s the time management that is hard (spending time between drinking/smoking/name your vice vs. doing your school work).

Still, I watched the guy who’s wife is excellent at english walk out with a 60 on his paper and plenty other experience students who spent more time on it walk out with 80s. Somehow, I walked out with a 95. It’s weird.

Some people are just more innately suited for school work than others. My ex-girlfriend used to spend hours studying and would fail so hard on whatever test, where as another kid we knew wouldn’t study until like 10mins before class and ace it.

Anyway, as it turns out you seem to be the archetypal (there is an English102 word for you) ‘stoned-slacker’ intellectual.

I love archetypes. Also awesome, stoned-slacker intellectual it is. Slash semi popular gay furry homestuck tf2 blogger and audio engineer slash self proclaimed musician in training.

Tell the bitches that you just can’t be the man they want you to be and walk out of the room like you won the toughest fight of your life.

You know, I was going to say that, but it’s a stretch as far as fitting into an archetype/motif (certainly not literary one).

holy shit dude

gj. Let us read it.

I second this

I’m thinking about it. I’m pretty embarrassed at the idea of people from the internet reading it, because you’ll think the same thing I thought when I was writing it.

“This is just a bunch of senseless, meaningless tripe.”

People in real life are pretty impressed with it but still.

Post it, if it’s good I can use it as reference later LOL


Nice, I didn’t think my Teacher actually meant what she said that MLA is actually used still. Very detailed, man. Nice job.

Thanks, it still feels like a load of tripe to me??

I think with research it just has to be thorough and well written. It seems you did both, and they love you for it.

Gllt, that was certainly well written, especially considering you had little formal training in the art of writing a research paper.

Conflict & The Palestinian Identity:

This was one of many, MANY Political Science papers I had to write.
RESEARCH. It was awful.

Excellent job, I think it was carefully thought out, well written, and it certainly is not “tripe” and you have nothing to fear from it.

I took the exact same class, or at least a class with the same title “English 102” I barely “passed” that class with a 2.3 mainly because it was just a prerequisite for my Cisco CCNA and Network Technology stuff and did not effect what I was doing so much as long as I got a 2.0 or higher, I was not going for University masters stuff and back then I really didn’t care. My problem was I procrastinated far too much and simply slapped together papers that should have taken a week to complete in a matter of minutes. I wish I had put more care and effort into my English, Art, and BsTech “Business Technology” classes even though they were prerequisites and electives for me and not my main cup of tea. I did however get a 3.6 in Legal 100 and 3.8 in some civics class.