I made a thing



Yes very nice job.

You can use this for a big quest with many of direction and hiding switch like that.

Yeah I completely. Agree.

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Just going to dump my random projects in this thread. Here’s a parallax scroller I made out of boredom.
Let me know wether I should continue with it.
I also plan to release the code if enough interest is shown.

The foreground is tiled while the background consists of images as is traditional.

im digging those herpes infested penises in the background

Is that all you’re digging? :frowning:

no im digging more id make a post to tell you but then i would lose having 666 posts

EDIT: fuck

I’ve plugged it up with my old side scrolling platform, works well. It also might be worth noting this allows for transparent tiles.

Reworked some stuff so this could work on a bigmap, it came with much suprise to learn I could read tiles on adjacent levels :0

Re-added the video, I also added some additional stuff like tile semi transparent water, and npc drawing layers.
Note: Due to the graal mixing integer and floating values it looks a little jagged at the moment, especially with the
npc drawing, but also the actual tile rendering as well.

this shit is sweet. you did a good job with this one.

Looks very nice Tric! Now I know why you’ve been ignoring me :wink:

that shit is so pro tric.
That water bed still bothers me. It’s probably obvious, but if you’re going to be able to walk on it add ground to it. (it’s fucking with my heeaaadddddddd…)

Why couldn’t you do this with Moogie?

I wasn’t good enough at the time :frowning:

let him flex his spriting muscle a bit more lol

South park :wink:

South Park is stupid.

it’s okay not to have a sense of humor.

South Park’s humor is old.
It’s okay to go back to and laugh a little bit at it, but some of the jokes are a bit sad.