i need help....

finding a keyboard. I’ve had this keyboard for a few years now but sadly i broke one of the keys. I’ve been trying to find a standard backlit keyboard with the little media buttons on the left/right side.

I would be extremely grateful if someone can help me find one. Picture of my current one is below


Do you have a cat? Serious question

lmao… yes, two cats and two dogs :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no clue, sorry. I just use a standard logitech keyboard. Nothing fancy at all. :smiley: It makes a bit too much noise, but it has a good feel to it.

Razer Lycosa is one of my favourite keyboards. It’s backlit and totally catproof (in terms of them trying to kill your cords). It’s not that expensive either, $60CAN I think?

Look at that sexy beast

[spoilerbox=lots of detail in this image][/spoilerbox]

This keyboard is also a favourite of rhythm gamers as it has very little delay.

It also comes loaded with an awesome Headphone/Microphone jack. Yeah.

I’ve never really been a fan of razer products.

[spoiler]Their mice always felt awkward to me. I always buy the Logitech MX mice I think I’ve had 3 MX518 so far and one Microsoft Explorer 4, god that one was horrible.[/spoiler]

Don’t like that one? I got another one here for ya.

Microsoft Sidewinder X4 is one that my friend had. I used it for a bit and it was probably one of the most optimized gaming keyboards I have used. The delay is a bit bad on this one, but if you don’t care about that, it’s loaded with buttons. BUTTONS.

There’s Macro Keys, Media Keys (shortcuts etc) and whatnot. It’s a very good keyboard indeed. I think this one is more of a Joey kind of keyboard!

Newegg has it for $49 right here.

Not very well experienced with fancy keyboards. I’ve been using the same generic compaq PS/2 keyboard for nearly 20 years now. My cat always types vcvcxvxvcxvcvxvcvxcvxcx and ,./,./,./,/.,./,./ like almost every day and if I leave her alone in here there will be an openoffice document open with like 20 pages of that.

I found some that appear to be the same on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dynex-Multimedia-USB-Wired-Corded-PC-Keyboard-DX-WKBD-windows-7-vista-xp-2000-A-/400367421862?pt=PCA_Mice_Trackballs&hash=item5d37c209a6 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dynex-Multimedia-Keyboard-Wired-USB-DX-WKBD-/301020673024?pt=PCA_Mice_Trackballs&hash=item46163af400 not sure if these are exactly the same or also backlit or not.

Then consider a mechanical keyboard if your cats like to jump on your keyboard.

lol i’m specifically looking for the buttons on the right-side because i’ve just been so used to muting / next / previous song lol. i seen some ridiculous keyboards with like 4 sets of macro buttons on the left… thats crazy, i like the nice standard keyboards. i don’t even know what the difference between mechanical and non-mechanical is… can’t believe their are keyboards over $100… crazyyy

I have a razer mouse, and the side button to goto the previous page double-clicks sometimes. drives me absolutely nuts so i’m not much of a fan either.

yup thats the keyboard i have. they don’t come with backlit keyboards :frowning:

my keyboard pulls out of the desk so that’s not really a problem. i flip on my cats when they climb on furniture :stuck_out_tongue:

you might want to adjust/get used to a new keyboard. It only really takes a week or a less to get used to the new arrangement. I can’t even think of a kb other than that Lycosa that has those buttons on the right side.

That being said the Sidewinder X6 (see above post) is definitely what you’re looking for I would think.

I generally don’t have a problem adjusting but i just like this keyboard lol. i’ll probably end up getting the microsoft one if no one can find one. i’m just gonna wait until black friday, maybe i can get it cheaper :stuck_out_tongue: