I think there is something wrong...

I was playing World of Warcraft for the first time in years a few hours ago… and was… terribly, terribly bored after about 15 minutes. I can play some pretty stupid games for hours and hours at a time but I couldn’t stand WoW for 15 minutes. I don’t get why people are so hyped up on this game, because I can’t get back into it.

I couldn’t play it for longer than 15 minutes either.

Well I tried the trial and was kind of confused. I didn’t like it ;O

Never got into it either.
And how can you get confused on WoW? It’s like the most newbie-friendly game ever in the history of time.

It’s controls and hotkeys are backwards to other mmorpgs. Don’t like it.

Sort of like how Starcraft is to most other RTS games.
Whenever I start playing it, the rightclick/left click always fucks me up.

Actually, that’s Graal, because the only real way to win the game is to click “X” in the top right.

Only noobs use that slow ass method.
Pros use alt+F4

I play wow on wow.deathknell.cc, using patch 3.1.3,

havent upgraded to lich king yet, I dont have enough space to download/install.

I think mafia wars on facebook is way more addicting than WoW.

The Don will be pleased to hear this, things are looking up for you Billy.

-But really, I hate Facebook/Webapp games more than WoW. If I have to “pretend to install” an app on the same website it f**king comes from, waste of time.

I use Alt+F4. PRO


of fags


jerk :frowning:

I play #mafia, the mafia bot game
I don’t play mafia420 or twitter or whatever it is.
I invalidated my facebook, I’ve never played WoW.

I speak a lot about myself.

Is it really? I think not.

“Go to the bla bla bla mountain and slay the bla bla bla”

I don’t want to spend 99% of my time walking around in a game.

First mission for humans, “Go kill some little fuckers!” But it took me 7 minutes to find them and after I finished the quest I only got 25 coins or w/e, so I turned it off.

I played Maplestory for three fucking hours today… I kept thinking it would get better when I got to level ten, but when I finally did, my job choice made me the weakest fucker on Earth and I raged then quit.