I think there is something wrong...

I was a… ranger? I dunno. Little fucker with a bow. Lvl32 Wasted my life on that game.

I played runescape classic and maple story but runescape was better for what runescape is worth

Especially when I was members and I beta tested THREE DEEZ supposedly its in high and deaf now

Pfft, you guys need to download QuestHelper. Then you can just mindlessly follow an arrow til you get to what you want to kill, kill it. Wait for respawn a few times. Go back to NPC that gave you quest & complete. Walk to next NPC, follow arrow and repeat. That is how you play WoW…

WoW doesn’t actually get any good until end game where you can do some raiding so it’s a good thing Blizzard have made the exp rates higher for characters under 60 recently.

My boss (who bought WoW for me to join his guild) installed questhelper for me after I had already tried it like 2-3 hours.

Still, it takes hellovalotovtime just to walk to the destinations. I could walk mindlessly IRL and gain something from that instead.

Yeah the world is too big, but they have helped that by reducing the level for travel form for druids in the latest patch and you can get mounts at pretty low levels now (Not sure what level exactly)

I played Runescape back when it was first starting. I stopped playing it after the first major update.

isn’t runescape that game with worse graphics than graal? or was that tibia perhaps?

well of souls

Custer’s Revenge


it was tibia:

Awful perspective.

I remember falling down a hole when I played that. Some other dude fell in and we were stuck. We fought off spiders and survived for a long time, and some dude came and dropped a rope down to help us. What a douche, though, he charged me like 1000 bucks.

Horrible Ultima knock-off.

MC Escher

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and just for the hell of it, Well of Souls rules!! Awesome game, played it shitloads around the time I was playing Graal.

I can’t think of anyone sane that would pay to play Tibia… Even so, people are leveling up characters and sell them for $$…

Tibia’s crowd must be more inbred than Graal’s.

I’m assuming unixmad took part in suggesting prices.

I’d rather fork in 7.55 more and play Warhammer for goodness sake.

Mu online was horrible to me alot and runescape music made me want to stab myself in the eye.

mounts in 3.20 can be gained at level 20…in the next expansion its rumored that you can use flying mounts in azeroth… mounts in 3.1.3 (the version I play) can be gained at level 30

How would that help? Stabbing yourself in the ear stops the music. If something was shitrapehorrible to watch I’d stab myself in the eyes.

Advice: A lot of kids nowadays talk from their asshole
Some sort of Genetic defect from their parents screwing ontop of a microwave or something.
So he may very well hear with his eyes.