I wanna edit this, but i cant figure it out

i wanna make a different version of the superbow that shoots 15 arrows instead of 3

cant any1 show me how to do it, Just to make it easier heres the script

i want them to shoot in a line. like the regular superbow but 15 arrows

if (playerenters) show; if (playertouchsme) { toweapons Superbow; hide; } if (weaponfired && playerdarts>=3) { freezeplayer 0.6; setbow wbow1.gif; playersprite = 33; timeout = 0.5; } if (timeout) { if (playerdir=0) { x-= 0.6; y-=0.5; } if (playerdir=1) x-=1; if (playerdir=2) { x+= 0.3; y+=0.5; } if (playerdir=3) x+=1; shootarrow playerdir; if (playerdir=0) { x-=0.5; y+=0.2; } if (playerdir=1) { y+=0.5; x+=0.2; } if (playerdir=2) { x+=0.5; y-=0.2; } if (playerdir=3) { y-=0.5; x-=0.2; } shootarrow playerdir; if (playerdir=0) x+=1; if (playerdir=1) y-=1; if (playerdir=2) x-=1; if (playerdir=3) y+=1; shootarrow playerdir; playerdarts-=3; }

I suppose all of the “x+=num; y+=num; shootarrow playerdir;” Aren’t self explanatory enough? o_o

lol, internetz

Not everyone is a genius like you guys.

well, you dont think i would have tryed that… come on now…
i tried editing that. and it shot a ginat clusterfuck of crap.
so please. anyone gimme a slight tutorial?

Each section like this:

if (playerdir=0) { x-= 0.6; y-=0.5; }
if (playerdir=1) x-=1;
if (playerdir=2) { x+= 0.3; y+=0.5; }
if (playerdir=3) x+=1;
shootarrow playerdir;

Moves the player a bit, then shoots an arrow. Duplicating those and tweaking the movement should work.

Ding ding ding. We have a winner.
(mostly anyway, technicality. it moves the “weapon” temporarily, which always follows the player in a sense)

Ah, I didn’t know that. Either way, it move the arrow origin.

This script is about as simple as it gets. Everything to it can be learned by simply reading the explanations GIVEN to you in the commands document to the right in the script editor.

If someone is attempting to script and can’t even figure this one out, they need to be reading the Newbie Scripter’s Bible that’s been plastered all over this site. This isn’t a matter of them being geniuses; it’s a matter of the OP disregarding the study materials available to him, namely the commands document.

OP needs to go search for the NSB. It’ll save him and the “geniuses” a ton of headache.

That and its practically english -_o

It… was… sarcasm…