i want... i want...

a sub forum for sameira

doubt it will happen -_- too many noob forums already. Develop sameira some more, make look as if you actually tried to detail a level while thinking and you might just get somewhere…

Make new and better stuff. Problem solved -_-

Fix your sig man. Save the image and then slap a white BG behind it and index it so it’s not a 24bit png(which typical php image loaders don’t account for. I had to add some extra code to load it). Does the pretty much horribly broken image with black boxes all over the place not annoy you at all?

No, BlazeFire.

He’s using it in a php script as a bg for showing where his account is logged on. Whoever made the php would have to add in loading 24bit PNGs, or he could just do what I said and save it over a white BG.

It doesn’t annoy me one bit, the image is screwed up maybe but I don’t mind

Blaze, some of my NPCs are on your server. I’m coming down hard on all my old staff. Take off the invisibility cloak, and the gani system. I bet there is more stuff and I want you to delete it.

Fine I’ll delete em, but the soda machine is mine to keep right

Well it’s annoying the fuck out of me.

It’s annoying you so much that you do not want to attempt sexual intercourse before marriage? WHOA.

Thieves shouldn’t complain about being stolen from
You know this is true. I’ll remove the gani system and stuff later, gonna make my own ganis for a system

i think his signature is a modern representation of the instability in our graalian civilization

it also reminds me of glitch mario adventures