i wish

more people played graal reborn

I wish
you had a brain.

Well then what are you waiting for? Gather the 7 Dragon Balls and grant your wish [spoiler]for immortality[/spoiler]!

it only takes 10 dollars to start an ad campaign

I did that. I don’t have very many friends in real life.

make a bot to post on blogs and forums. or just download a bot to do all that.

Or just post on some major site like reddit make a rage comic that’ll be wildly read. the necromancer walks away


Gotta admit my ideas genius though :U

Lol yeah let’s make rage comics about Grasl everyone will read them.

makes rage comic about dylan raging and attempting troll on GR
50 000 upvotes.

You kids seriously need to shut the fuck up.

Benzy powers, activate! I now stalk Skyzer on Graalians.

Wrong forums