ice skating???

Can someone give me a script to where i walk on the floor it looks like my ice skating? ive seen people do it before so yea. Thanks

Mm, just to warn you, such things would require tweaking on your for specific variables, and generally people’s usage of onwall is less than amiable of it.

The gist of the code looks like this.
if(playerenters || timeout) {
if(keydown(0)) if(this.yspeed <0.3) this.yspeed+=0.05;
//Keydown speed… Etc Etc

if(!onwall(playerx+1.5+this.xspeed,playery+2+this.yspeed)) { // This crappy Onwall will send you into walls :smiley:
playerx += this.xspeed;
playery += this.yspeed;
// Some crap here to make the x & y speeds go back to 0.
timeout = 0.05;

It’s a bloated code, I’m tired, someone else should pop in to save the day, forgot the portions involving if(playerx in |min,max|) { } (or tiles[x,y]==index) and etc, to define the area as “ice”.