idea: BattleChess world

Ok, I have an idea for a new world.
Oh well, I must not be the first to have this idea: BattleChess.

The player in the king, have to stay in the king all the game.
He either move, or suggest move to other players in the same color as him.

Players in other pieces, can move in any NPC-controlled piece anytime.
Players in non-king piece of the same color, can exchange place if both agree.

When the king order you a move, you can either execute yourself, refuse… or I suppose attack a different
piece than the king had ordered you to attack.

As an example, bishop are likely to win against pawn, but it is not certain. If bishop’s player is unexperimented, he could loose.

King could expell a player of his piece, but only if the piece is not executing an order. Piece receiving an order would have a timelimit to decide to execute the order, attack a piece different than the order or just move elsewhere, or to refuse.

Also, while the game is played, players can vote for the next 2 kings.

Not sure the game ‘engine’ allows that to works fine however.

cool idea, but that would require a lot of players, right? plus i hate chess. i think its boring, but this might make it fun. i dunno.

I’d get two-player chess working first, then go through and customize. Without AI the basic chess script wouldn’t be too complicated to script. Chess is more of a logic game, I can’t see having more than one person controlling a team. It would be a lot of extra scripting to make features most people wouldn’t appreciate.

Could make a board game server and find another game that would work better for teams?

like that game where you have to guess what the person is drawing.

The movements in chess are so complicated. Took me a few weeks to get the hang of it. Thats why I doubt it would be easy to make an AI chess battle.

I prefer the one where the game draws the picture instead.

…makes me think of something like:

Except with chess pieces, and maybe different sort of weapons.

I remember saying something like: “I wish Beholder would script Chess, I mean that would be an awesome minigame here.” one time on Bomber.

you could make it interesting. make a modified chess game where if you want to take out a pawn with your own pawn, the two players have a graal spar and the winner wins.

The king should be able to leave king role

I changed my mind on this. Any player in a team can postulate to be king. And the king can leave the king role and go in any of his NPC piece if he wish. If the king leave his role, and that there is more than one postulants for the king role, the role goes to the player that ‘lives’ inside the piece with the highest rank.

Ranks goes like this:

[] King
] Queen
[] Tower
] Bishop
[] Knight
] Pawn
[/LIST] In black team , the black tower is of higner rank than the white tower.
In the white team, the white tower is of higher rank than the black tower.
Idem for Bishops and knights…

For pawns, A column is of higher rank than B column, of course. :wink:

If the king have no player, mostly because there was no postulants, there is a fixed delay while pieces can postulate. On timeout, postulants with higher rank become king. If there is no postulant, a timer allows for a lurker to become king. The first win the role. If no lurker… then the king abdicate.

Do a war styled game where Skill actually counts. :\ Like Hosler said. Only, you are the piece that people control and you have to win against the other. That would be cool. :smiley:

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And then if there wasn’t players there would be filler pieces where they have like a random(a,b); fight. Like if you needed some small player it would be a Noob (head0.png,body.png,shield1.png,sword1.png etc)

make it with helicopters and mustard gas.

rofl. with this post i became “member with no life”

I was imagining that when a piece attack an other piece, they would be teleported inside a battle room. Where initial munitions, and or weapons, would depend on your rank (piece).

I am amazed by how popular this idea seems to be!

ok do this. you just made this game sound awesome.


Although I am not dead-set on the idea of Modern :expressionless:


There’s really very few limits to what you can accomplish in Graal. You can send and receive custom “packets”, draw to the screen, and preform math. What else do you need to many anything in the sense of a simple game like this?

i like graal only because its a sandbox. i dont do anything in it though anymore so wtf.

The attacker should have a great advantage.

Oh, I just realized that in the true chess game, the attacker always win. When is it in chess, that you saw a pawn attack a queen and loose?

So I guess the attacker should be given some great advantage too.
I would expect a pawn to attack a queen win about 1 in 4.
A bishop against a Queen to win about 1 in 2.
A rook against a queen about 2 in 1.

Just to give you an idea.

So I guess people looking the fight might want to bet on who will win.
Could add bets eventually.


Why should a linear movement piece have higher rates to succeed than a diagonal?