idea: BattleChess world

less cost. O(n)

I want this on Graal:

Not a question of diagonal better than linear

It’s not a question of linear versus diagonal. It’s a question of rank. A higher rank piece should have a greater likelihood to win.
Except the king, he is very weak in the game, he should never win.
In chess, he is not allowed to move where he could be attacked. If you can threatens (make it in check situation) him, and that he have no way to move, then you win the game.

The attacker should have a (much more) likelihood to win.

But then, I realize that this is not exactly chess game anymore.
Not sure if the game dynamic will still work fine.

If you truly play chess all pieces have the same power :expressionless:

Can I, think that the game could make people in the white team become member of the white guild. Similarly for black. And expect guild members to be able to discuss each other without being heard by the other guild [I have not played with guilds, not sure what it does] even if they are in the same room?

I don’t even…

Guilds are a group of players who play together and are as a group.
Saaayy… Centurio was a guild, and everyone who was in Centurio had their tag on (Yenairo (Centurio)) they wouldn’t be able to hurt eachother with weapons and swords. It’s like having a team, only less temporary.
They can communicate via PMs using toguild:

The idea behind the idea, is indeed to make a board game in Graal.

But then, it make your character just waiting inside a box.
I thought that it could be more funny if there is a NPC that represent the player inside the box (well, mostly because it is easier to make the NPC looks anyway you want. I think you cannot make the character be represented by any gif. but then I could be wrong).

Maybe there is a way to have dynamic game, with the board idea. Generally board games are influenced by card you get, dice value, etc. They are mostly events that happens at your ‘turn’, that influence your characters more or less randomly. So it could be a team against team game, but where bonus just pop-in here there constantly… I am mostly thinking aloud here. But there have to be some kind of ending situation the game evolve toward. I guess the events must not be partial, they are just that events, and should not try to help the looser. Well, trying to be the first team to accumalate a fixed number of ‘things’ is a kind of arbitrary end. Like things that would appears on a radar near you, and that you would have to send message to the nearest person in your team to get it. That sound boring to me. I stop here.

Just work on the basics first :open_mouth:

If you truly play Chess, you know that the Queen’s loss is the death of you, not the King’s.

That’s the problem. I don’t think chess is the basics.

I didn’t say that.

you know, you dont have to script anything to get this to work. just make a level in the shape of a chess board and somehow get all of us to get on and play. people do this in real life all the time. when one of us tries to capture a square then its pk time.

There’s tons of tutorials on chess in X language, it’d be easy to move it over to Graal.

script will look so wacky since gs1 doesnt handle objects

Thanks, I was thinking the same. Not being sure.

does wawa need a keyblaaaade???

if your going to a chess server dont count on having a player count, instead make it single player, and multiplayer.
Also you could have some unique chess based games where a queen my vs a king but each opponment has a different skill.

So 3 different modes, singleplayer, 2 player and dual

singleplayer: 1 player controls one side of the board, a npc controls the other
multiplayer: one player for each side of the board/normal chess
dual: PK match using unique skills

Duel. Not Dual, dual means 2, not fight. God damn.