If Antago did own Graal

What if Antago did own Graal, what could he do and would he really?

Honestly in my opinion it would be the same thing going on but with an even more autistic community. There would be no lawful change as the almighty antago refers to them. He’s quite narcistic as unixmad and basically mutes anyone who has an opinion that differs against his. He’s done the same thing he argues about time and time again when it comes to his discord community. but if your looking for an more detailed answer I’m not sure but it would be pretty intersting. I believe he does own a reborn server so just look at that I guess.

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Who cares? Graal sucks.

90% of the player base would be banned because at one point they’d say something Antago doesn’t like.There would be 10000 useless bomies roaming the server.

Honestly, he should stop whinging about “owning Graal” and make a competitor to Graal - but obviously that’s too much work for Antago.

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The fact people still believe him is sad, but yet they just chose to keep a ego with him.

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Nobody would have paid any attention to him and he’d have moved on to some other platform. You people are ridiculous.