If I were to

If I was to make a pokemon server preferably what size should the player be? I only found sprites that are half the actual graal size. Would that suffice?

Not sure what size, but if you need help with some graphics let me know

Anything that fits within a 32x32 grid…
…If you are planning to make gridbased movement.

so if its a 16x16 res that’s too small?

well generally people here have horrible vision, so they will complain about small 1tile objects being player characters.
tbh if you have gridbased movement it wouldn’t really matter.

I wish I had infinite time and money.

Here’s a broken watch and a dollar, have fun kid.

tricxta go for it, i don’t care what size the players are also as long as they don’t look like graal characters honestly

Do it. But you should continue that Mario project first…

Everything would have to be stored in weapons, so have all Pokemon/items/techniques sorted by type for a DB.


Make our own “Pokemon” so there aren’t 150-400 Pokemon.

Yer I was gunna store all the info in weapons, all the fight moves in one weapon, grass in another, etc. Same with the pokemon, ID 1-20 in one and so on. I’ll have to store the pokemons statistical information in client strings unforunately so I might limit people to only being able to own 100 pokemon at a time.

I say make our own.

I say why the FUCK DID YOU have to ruin that opinons thread I made!? Your a god damn fucking troll with multi personality disorder and I’m not fucking happy about it! >:[

You’re the one that ruined it. You had to go and ask how I would know, and you know exactly how. They would have bitched at you about no scripts anyways.

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[/COLOR]Tricxta, delete your fucking post in that thread.

Thats the smartest thing I’ve heard so far today :0 will do!

Also I just scripted the basic movement system for this so multiple speeds are supported and grid like movement. Along with the ability to change the players ganis since there not hard coded in :slight_smile: Ill post a screenshot once I have the battle system going

Will the movement be four moves only? (No diagonal movement)

I know, one could be a The Mollusk!

One down; 149 to go.

Yep no diagonal movement, just like the original pokemon movement, If you want your own pokemon Ill accept submissions here, preferably in this format: If I get enough decent submissions, such as 10 or so then Ill use these in favour to the original pokemon and I can get mirage or someone to redo the player movement sprites if there up to it :slight_smile:

Edit: Im setting up the battle screen now, and I currently have it so it automatically re-adjusts depending on the smallest of both screenwidth and screenheight. This is to cater for retards who would complain that they can’t see everything, the smaller the screen the small everything will look basically and if you have a big screen it will be zoomed in but it doesnt look pixelated :D. What I want to know is should I have it as a fixed sized or keep like I do currently?

wht will the story line be like will there be gyms and stuff??

in most pokemon games u start of moved to a new town thn u meet a next door neighbour and thn u become rivals for the rest of the game every now and again u vs each other
and thn onces u finish all the gyms u have one final battle
will it have no story line and u just vs other online players???

Pokemon Red and Blue had no damn story. You just needed to get badges and find a way to the town. Should be a simple game you can play single player.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]Why don’t we get some of Riley’s baddies? (Ask him first)

Graal Reborn’s Pokemon needs Graal Reborn monsters :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if I was to use riley’s baddies they would need to be redrawn to match the pokemon perspective, Im prepared to my part and recode it to work but it also means that if people want this to happen they will have to work as well otherwise Ill end up sticking to the original pokemon.

Edit: If riley wants let me use his player sprites he made for ros we could go for something alot more graaly with half the work :smiley: