Ok I need hellp with this script xD well im trying to make it if I press A (With keydown the code is 6) it plays a midi but its not working :l Here.

if(keydown(6)) play MarioJumping.midi;
is there a problem with it?

if (keypressed && keydown(6)) play MarioJumping.midi;

you need to use keyID codes (like 86 is F or D, cant remember)

use this script in a level to show which code goes to which key by pressing that key

setplayerprop #c, #p(0);

Ok I figured out the code wasn’t 6 so tried 65 because i got it from the script you gave me. Yet it still wont work :confused:

Uhhh, What?

Not a tech. support type post.
It’s far better suited to the NPC section. :stuck_out_tongue:

ok this should work:

if (keypressed && keydown2(65,true))play MarioJumping.midi;

keydown is for the main keys such as arrow keys and a,q,e and that up to 10 i think
keydown2 is for the other keys :smiley: with this you can make emoticons lol so you can use key combos even such as
keydown2(65,true) && keydown2(71,true) for a smily face or whatever lol
please note I havnt tried this combo idea but it seem right since its logical but if its wrong please dont shoot me :frowning:

O_o needs a event to be called weather it be looping over that code over and over or adding a keypressed…

for future reference there is keycode()

I don’t think it works with keys other than letter keys (A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P etc.)

Everyone needs to stop being fucking wrong.

I thought I was right?

[spoiler]WRONG EXTENSION (correct one= .mid)[/spoiler]
Why are you using midis for sound effects anyway?

FINALLY! Somone gets it right!

O_o is still won’t work correctly without an event-flag, unless graal is retarded and loops on itself…

Well, he only asked what was wrong with the script.
Maybe he’ll put it in a timeout or keypressed later.



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Well, it would work it would just have the error of being held down at all times

I would just bind jumping to A through using keydown && keypressed xd

That would be easier, as well as making the sound actually in the same script the jump is in.

but that’s just me, I don’t use keydown2 ever, I tried it once and I noticed false doesn’t work (if there is one)

you guys are retards