If you're ever feeling bad when I beat you...

I never feel bad when you beat me, I just feel the need to try harder!

If you feel bad when I beat you…

Remember this.

YOU are the bad parent of the baby, you failed to save it from it’s attempted suicide! >_<

Hah, you can’t beat me!

Name a game other than Graal Reborn or Unix-Graal.

I never feel bad when u beat me in bomber at all. Never will.
I damn sure wouldn’t make a thread about it…

And your avatar gives a comedy effect on your funny posts somehow. But here is somthign simular to the Megaman 3 gameover. What IF Dr.Mario had lyrics?


This is all such old stuff, I like his Zelda song and FF battle end song. xd

Why the deletion spooon >.>