The title says it all lol

Don’t close this thread yet riley - i have to go find something funnier than tricxtas

___Merged doublepost__________________

O.o not very amusing.

looks to your sig

I have a few questions about boys.

Jatz, are you admin on iEra? If so, I’m gonna neg-rep you.

Im going something to top trixta’s photos…

I can’t remember if itook a pic but on zodiac, someone said he was better than me cuz he played graalonline classic for iPod. (damn inoobs are funny eh)

You know it, some are plain redicous. like some run a code shop, among other things… when I was on iphone, i ran a thing called the ‘Night Refuge’, it was harlarous, but then a GP came and warned me :(. One of the only times i was on iphone

I see those screen shots and I just want to punch Jatz for using Rufus’ head.

Aye, but 3/4 igraal players don’t know what graal pc is. 9 in 10 graal players also searched up Zelda in the AppStore and ended with graal. 5 in 10 inoob’s first words were: OMG THIS IS LIKE ZELDA :DD SO FUN!!!

same thing

Yes, yes he is. Lol.

What’s even funnier is that Jatz is playing Official Graal.

No, they aren’t invalid, for all I knew you could’ve been talking about “all of them”

Now you’re being bitchy with me, I had no reason to refresh, I’m not a mind reader, I had no idea you were editing your post.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
Something inside me tells me that you’re covering up and trying to make me look bad now.

I like where this thread is going

almost all of rileys posts are edited. usually to make someone look bad or stop himself from looking stupid.
riley is teh sexy too. i tried friending him but he too cool for me and sux donkey ballz on the reg