In-Game Profile Not Working

My ingame profile won’t update, When I submit. Anyone got any ideas?

Instead of bickering, can you guys instead verify if this is an issue and report it in the Bug Reports section if it is? Thank you.

What client are you using? Is it on a certain server? We’re assuming you know to type in whatever and just click send, thus it doesn’t make sense that it doesn’t work. Next thing to try would be to start with a fresh client.

Love you too. But, I’m using Graal222, And, its all servers.

Nobody’s had the problem and we can’t replicate it. Have you tried re-downloading the client and starting fresh?

I think Jatz has also had this problem.

Did he make his account recently too???

No lol. He’s been here for quite some time. Probably just a client bug, should try redownloading?

Now that I am back home, I tried it out. I went onto Graal Classic, changed my age, went onto Bomber Arena, and checked my profile; it worked just fine. I really can’t tell what your problem is. Are you connecting as a guest account accidentally?

No, but I’ll try re downloading it.

Profiles are handled by the gserver/listserver. The client tells the server it updated its profile. The gserver passes it to the listserver which stores the profile in its database.

Still cant Edit it :((

I sent you a PM.

does the listserver have sessions or something from the gservers, or does the listserver just accept certain commands regardless of where it comes from?

I had this problem a LOOOOONNNNGGGG ass time ago on official graal. Probably in 2002.

I can’t remember how I fixed it, it might of went away on it’s own.

Was there any content written in the in-game profile? Anything…URL? Name? Age? If nothing, you could try opening the in-game profile from the playerlist instead of directly right clicking on your graal character.

That was how I had to do it for awhile, because it wouldn’t save so I had to open the playerlist for it to actually save.

Yaaa same problem, i still can’t edit it, example is i put my name then click ‘Submit’ i reclick myself and it shows the name i put for one second then goes back to (Unknown)…
Any ideas?

Guy, keep necroposting and I’ll start handing out infractions.