Infractions for spamming are a joke?

What’s your thoughts guys? Mind you this does exclude bots and is really only applicable to legit forums posters.

i think i lost my mind

lol who wants meat on the forums

You guys suck and proove why riley needs to be around. For shame.

They’re too immature tric, dunno if you really thought this thread was gonna go somewhere =/

Gllt! halp me!! also what will you give me an infraction for riley? Spam? So lawlz.
If you’re going to come up with bullshit reasons to hand out infractions, why not just ban the fuck out of us all right now?

Which attitude might that be? The one that says you must deliver on what you promise!?

O’ Damn

whenever i complained about stuff to you via pm, you would give me a 2 paragraph discussion on how you think i’m a faggot.

yep i got one for posting that someones mail box was full and i couldn’t pm them . welcome to reborn where your not allowed to post on the forums . course I’ll get another one just for voicing my opinion now . i wont even go into the ridicule i received afterwards while trying to talk to em like a reasonable human being . :blush:

A forum with less than 50 active members who can receive infractions for language and/or off topic posting seems very silly. Moderation is necessary, I think. But infractions are silly. It’s not like it is hurting my credit score or anything.

Its okay guys, they went back in time and started over to do it right this time.

lolllllllllllllllllmisc fuq u gais I don’t need to care in a srs thread.


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[/COLOR]p.s. no one cares



this is my biology finalwe had to show the scientific expression and moments of science in 10 shows
[COLOR=#D84D4D][FONT=Courier New]i showed it to the teacher and she immediately gave me and my partner johan an A”



now I kno my abd’s