Insight with Beholder

[quote]Spooon: we’re the only people online.
Spooon: unless you aren’t a person
EOTB2002: Oh shit :open_mouth: I am not breeding with you to bring back the population
Spooon: Didn’t plan on it.
EOTB2002: lol
Spooon: Could take over another population and cross breed with them >.>
EOTB2002: How much wood could a woodchuck suck if a woodchuck could suck wood?
Spooon: I suppose he’d suck a lot.
EOTB2002: $$$ prostitution of woodchucks[/quote]

[quote]downsiderlovesu: hi
downsiderlovesu: guess what i learned how to do yesterday
EOTB2002: Reverse Cowgirl?
downsiderlovesu: ?
downsiderlovesu: oh
EOTB2002: Hahaha[/quote]

[quote]downsiderlovesu: im downloading a mod for hl2 that gets rid of ur sight
downsiderlovesu: it makes u blind
downsiderlovesu: its called the blind monkey society
downsiderlovesu: *monk
EOTB2002: Hot damn. But I could save you a lot of time on that
downsiderlovesu: ??
downsiderlovesu: how
EOTB2002: Press the button on your monitor[/quote]

Insight Learned: Beholder is a Bastard.

yes we all knew this, nothing new, damned bastard



But it does more than make you blind! It’s a whole 'nother game! Created for optimal gameplay while deaf!

Nonetheless, it was boring.

A bot that responds to e-sex? Or does beholder have some dark dark split personality…

Loves how Spooon says “I suppose he’d suck a lot.”

i should get in on these conversations

I always thought beholder was a girl till a few months ago >_<

Thanks for telling me about Blind Monks Society, cool mod :slight_smile:

Will this be a weekly column?

I have some great convos with Beholder :open_mouth:

And those convos are old >:|

___Merged doublepost__________________

Flesh suit xD

Warcaptain is fail.


One word answers are fun.

Don’t make me ugly.
These are old too.

the topic title sounds like a vh1 special or something .



lol, hilarious quotes. :slight_smile: