Inspired by Spooon

I was inspired by Spooon and I made a new avatar.
I run a coffee shop for Seattle’s Best Coffee and this was a button they want us to wear for a new promotion.



This is… awkward. Do you hate me?

Not at all my friend. Just tryin’ to make a funny.
You should feel special, the company gives me silly crap to wear and it reminded me of you : )

I was kidding, anyways. I knew you didn’t. You’re always too drunk to even know what hate is.

Very true, I drinkz alot and I luvz evry one in the whole world.

but you love korean hookers above all others . :slight_smile:

Also true.


this convo is too funny

Spooon started it.

Naah, bro.

Was that spooon as a child?

Good one, faggot.

No, Spooon just naturally hates kids and chemo patients
He tells the make a wish foundation to fuck off on a regular basis.


I miss our local drunk… I hope he didn’t get hit by a car.