Internal Network

I am running the Linux version of GServerBuild58.

I love the whole list-server idea, I think it’s great. But what I’m wondering is, if we can run the servers on our private network, and connect directly to them, without need of a list-server.

Either that, or hosting our own little list servers.

I have my server running on a college network, and I cannot open the ports to the outside world. I would however like to be able to test Graal internally.
The server will eventually be opened to the outside world.

The server does this forever. It is running, but it won’t connect to the list server, because of the strong firewall.

I have tried setting the network IP as the list server in my arrays2.dat, and I can connect to the server;

But I cannot see any servers to connect to, so I’m stuck on a green screen pretty much.

Any help/advice is much appreciated.


Like playing it through your intranet?

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Never thought of that.


I remember doing that with Warcraft and Age of Empires back when I worked in the office. Funny times.

Nalin, I have a local only version which is based on really old sources (just before it was taken off sourceforge). Would you like me to try and find it? It basically just uses flat files.