[FONT=“Century Gothic”][CENTER]This is an interview with DARKWAX a.k.a Jason Neandertal[/CENTER][CENTER]Ok first of hello,
today Im talking to Jason here, and I will be asking him a few question about his upcoming sever. so here we go[/CENTER]

[CENTER]Q.When did you start to play Graal?[/CENTER]A.I exactly Started to play Graal since 1999

[CENTER]Q.What then made you go to graal reborn and start your own sever?[/CENTER]A.My everlasting Creativity also I love drawing Comic
so I had to put somehow in a easy way on
internet my server visions and scenarios
I already started out about 9 Servers
Different Types. Still got them but
there in a safe place.

[CENTER]Q.What are your talents? e.g lat, scripting etc…[/CENTER]A.Im good at nating and lating mostly I already
did know how to since 1999 but I really
started to make quality a bit Later.

[CENTER]Q.Can you tell us about your new sever?(please include the storyline of it)[/CENTER]A.Suposed to be a place where:
People meet,
Go on Quests ,
Fights each other,
Play with each other,
Role Play With each other.

Intro: You arrive at destination.
“There we are, unfair city my dam boots are stinking
and my blades need a make up , the good point
is I finally made it to the destination that old
crazy witch told me about, its supposed demons
live here, and store there powers, heck I
didn’t did all that travel for nothing hope so.
now where will I find the first ones to claim
his/her powers, East?,West?,North?,South?
All i got for help are other travlers experienced
ones hope i cross a few.”

[CENTER]Q.Who so far is helping for on your sever?[/CENTER]A.Tricxta is helping me I trust his
experience on making his own
stuff I already saw his good

[CENTER]Q.Will you be hiring?[/CENTER]A.probably once I lated most
other server parts. because
script will be like not so
easy to code same for
gfx if im lucky.

[CENTER]Q. have you done any other work for any other sever?[/CENTER]A.I really did,6 Months of working
as Nat&Lat on Lumina on graal

thanks for your time

I my self have been on this sever and have look around a lot and and really like it, i can see it going very far

[CENTER]Here is a sceen shot of the sever[/CENTER][/FONT]

If you want to maintain the professional appearance, for the love of god, clean up the typos on every 5th word. D:


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lol, that is all

What did I just read?


rofl This thread is such a waste of space.

There’s so much bullshitting in the first post I couldn’t even read past the first question.

Why interview him on his server? what makes his so special?

I never liked Lumina. Mainly because I couldn’t understand what to do. The first time I logged on I realized it was a French server because there is this big buggy GUI with the title Clik yor langugE or something.

Interview with The Mollusk aka The Mollusk

Q. What exactly is going on in this thread?
I honestly have no idea.
Q. Do you like cookies?
I do.
Q. What is the most important part about building a player-world?
Oh, definitely the pre-player-world interview.

No way! I like cookies too!!! But not the ones with raisins. RAISINS SUCK!!!1!!1!1

Lumina… Lunesta… Hard to tell the difference, it’s such a bore it puts me to sleep.

Do you like space?


You guys hate too much. You feed off of it like harpies. Fun people.

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i do NOT feed on herpies

Ob yeah you do

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Definitely inspires faith in this exciting new project.

rofl i only did this coz i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored and idk i was jst sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored