Is it possible?

Is it possible to make a server like G2k2?

Use the bodys and ganis and all?

And how about the gmap? is it possible?


Yep. All you have to do is somehow or another obtain all of the bodies, ganis, etc., that you want to use. And as far as I know, someone correct me if i’m wrong, the gmaps work.

The gmaps do work there is a program that you can download from graal that let’s you make gmaps with elevation in them. the gani part you just have to get the images and ganis.

There’s a Terrain Generator (3d Terrain) in with the client.
The client itself is used for modifying elevations in the level editor.

However, Gmap Support on the GServer is not perfect, it throws the client into a complete “clientside mode”.

GMaps is made to work with the NPC-server to make it easier for npc’s to travel between levels.

What a GMap does is that it fakes that it’s one big level for the client. So without a npc-server putting all npc’s on it’s rightful place it’ll all end up on the left top corner level.

Also, toweapons is disabled on gmaps.

Use text-maps until we state otherwise.

That’s because it is disabled in clientside mode.
It’s a serverside based command to prevent cheating.

toweapons is clientside. it’s however disabled because weapons is handled by the npc-server when on a gmap. Stop trying to correct me when you don’t know the details. lol

addweapon ; is the serverside command

so, correct me if im wrong,

If i do make a weapon, i can’t use toweapons name; instead i need to use addweapon name;?

And iknow about how to create the GMAP, but as Beholder says, will it be problems with the GMAP or is there a way to go around it?

And last, would the players of GR be interested in having a G2K2 server? is it wort hosting?

Assumption, much?

1. Addweapon is only available serverside IF you have a npc-server. And we currently do not have a perfectly working one.

2. Don’t use gmap, use the old map.txt system instead.

3. That’s up to you


Then why did you have the urge to correct something that already was correct?

Only because I had already stated it forced the client into a ‘clientside’ mode O_o
But yeah, lets help the lil bugger, by saying no to GMAP for now :stuck_out_tongue:

And what is the easy way to make a map.txt instead of .gmap? have never done that

Open up the gmap and delete everything EXCEPT the list of levels.

I don’t believe .gmaps and map.txts use the same format for the levels… or order, for that matter.

they do.

OK, thanks all for the info.

Will see if i can get the server up now with the help!

Oh btw. It’s impossible.