Is Stephane Portha involved with MtGox?

[UPDATE-06-30-2014] Much has happened since I first started this thread. Like I predicted in mid to late 2013 MtGox shut down and ran away with the bitcoins and money “400 to 600 million or more USD” in February 2014.

I have been following leads, rereading old documents, reading forums and sites such as and and doing searches.

GraalOnline and MtGox are oddly connected in a nexus of fake shell companies in Delaware the same fake names in whois and the fact that both Mark Karpeles, Donald Shimoda and possibly a few others worked for both GraalOnline and on MtGox. There are also a lot of other French people involved including a guy named " Gonzague Gay Bouchery" too much to be just a simple coincidence.

Some interesting people have popped on the scene including Brock Pierce who is a partner with Marc Rector in various pump and dump investment scams and online gaming such as Digital Entertainment Network DEN and kids gaming network IGE they also molested under-aged boys and fled to Spain “sound familiar, like anyone else we know?” and now run “Sunlot Holdings LLC” with the “SaveGox” plan. Convenient huh?

Way too many stories and info coming out for me to post them all, all the time now. If you’re interested just use info in this as a starting point, start doing some search engine and web forum searches and expand from there. MtGox and Mark Karpeles are still part of the investigation in this thread but no longer the sole focus, this is a very expansive network of shell companies and scams we’re talking about here many linking back to Karpeles, Portha, Bouchery or others mentioned. [/UPDATE]

I know some people don’t like talking about Unixmad or speculation or conspiracy theories…

But this is far too big to just ignore and not give any thought. and I am posting this here because of the hands on experience I and some others here have had with him and Unixmad…

As some of you here may know Mark Karpeles used to be involved with Stephane Portha and Eurocenter, but had a falling out due to Stephane screwing him over, or so it seemed…
MagicalTux is also one of the head guys behind MtGox the world’s largest bitcoin exchange…

With the recent bizarre activity and pump and dumps going on at the MtGox exchange pumping the bitcoin price to over $1300 USD and countless people being unable to cash out with no official responses from MtGox and no activity from them on their social media pages this has me asking questions…

So I posted on the following

[quote]Warning Mark Karpeles has in the past and may in high likelihood still be involved with Stephane Portha, Eurocenter France and other French internet scammers. I used to think they had a falling out and became enemies, but now this is appearing to have been just an act. I believe this because the recent bad behavior of MtGox and similarities in the Delaware shell companies owned by MtGox/Mark Karpeles and those of Stephane Portha for example look at

and then take a look at

also do whois searches for Mutum Sigillum LLC and MMO Expert LLC. You will see striking similarities. If this is in error I apologize, but Mark Karpeles or others from MtGox need to address this and other issues.[/quote]

This is all just speculation but one has to admit the similarities I mentioned are striking and unlikely just coincidental…
I respected MagicalTux and his skill as a developer so I hope I am wrong on this one, but appearances rarely lie and I know patterns of behavior and a rat when I smell one…

If anyone has additional insight into this I’d like to hear it.

To be clear this potentially involves billions of dollars and if Stephane Portha or any other scammer is involved in any way the consequences could be global and dreadful…

I think you give Stéphane a bit much credit. I do not see any similarities in the whois results. Care to explain?

The connection lies with the dns servers at and a whole set of domains owned by Mutum SigillumLLC “MagicalTux” and a set of domains owned by MMO Expert LLC "Unixmad both sets are registered under the fake name “David Manager”

examples registered under
David Manager
501 Silverside Road


David Manager
Mutum Sigillum LLC
220 E. Delaware Ave., #1085

The addresses are slightly different but both are fake shells in Delaware and both register sets of domains under the fictitious person known as “David Manager”
It could just be a coincidence, but if it is it’s a pretty big one…
also was supposedly seized by Stephane Portha as evidenced at and these arbitrations are typically not reversed even if clearly done by a corrupt french arbitrator, but here it is under his name again most likely it was willingly transferred back.
I don’t give Stephane any credit. Any scammer could be involved; it takes almost no skill to make a hidden offshore company and hide in the background while other people do the dirty work. Some other weird things are going on with them too such as
this guy seems scared to me…
This isn’t a hard proof, but rather some suspicion on my behalf and some brainstorming to try and figure out what is going on with the abnormal pump and dump surges within bitcoin and other economic products. If there is a brain behind the system itself it’s not Stephane’s, but rather Roger Ver, Mark Karpeles, Max Keiser and some others.
If Stephane isn’t involved then MtGox appears to just be copying his “take their money and give them excuses” m.o.
This is all just a theory, but even a 1% chance of someone like that getting away with so many “disappeared” bitcoins is disturbing.

Couldn’t it just be that Magical Tux used to own and then sold it to Unixmad?

Not everyone in France that does shady shit is Stephane Portha.

Some really shady activity has been going on with MtGox lately. I suspect “someone” is making untold piles of money with this pump and dump fraud. Is it Mark Karpeles, Max Keiser, Stephane Portha, any or all of them working in a conspiracy or people associated with them? There may be no connection and all and just tons of bad coincidences that defraud people of their money. But when I smell the same awful stench twice I suspect evil people and evil things are going on.

My general advice is just be careful with your bitcoins and don’t trust MtGox…

I demand more aliens and less unixmad.

Unixmad is a reptilian cyborg from outer space, controlling all the conspiracies in France from behind the scenes. He’s a pure genius; a mastermind.

Unixmad is this man with his forehead shaved -

I suspect he must be using some form of dream intercepting technology to threaten and harass people.

You may all be laughing now, but I can assure you that the thousands of people that have had millions of dollars worth of bitcoins stolen from them are not making “LULZ CONSPIRACY THEORIST” jokes.

The stories I posted are mainline, respected and trustworthy sites with detailed stories the cite the sources. Did anyone even read them? I thought some people here had an interest in bitcoin. For some fraudsters to try to manipulate the price by blaming their exchange problems on them should concern any intelligent person.
This is criminality and someone is responsible, at the very minimum Mark Karpeles is one of them.

Mark Karpeles once worked for Stephane Portha and may still be involved with him, this is public knowledge and fact.

The first thing Karpeles does after his supposed falling out with Stephane is move to Japan and create MtGox this was done almost immediately and where he got his funding, manpower and other support is a mystery. Karpeles was not a rich kid nor was he 100 men and could do MtGox on his own.

Stephane Portha had and may still have affiliations with France Telecom.

Max Keiser lived in Paris for a long time and heavily shilled for bitcoin even giving some the impression that he invented it.
This guy was also responsible for something similar called the “Hollywood Stock Exchange” and was responsible for much manipulation and fraud in the U.S.

Isn’t this “blame the victim, blame everyone else and do not return their money” game awfully familiar to anyone?

If the bitcoin fanatics cared about keeping bitcoin alive they would take this nonsense seriously and work to drive these fraudsters out of the scene.


Something “interesting” apparently MtGox tried to patent the word “BitCoin”

“They used the trademark attorney firm Baker & McKenzie to file these trademarks.”

Withdrawals are disabled, highly likely permanently while all deposits are still enabled. It is a near certainty that a lot of people will never get their money or bitcoins back. These bitcoins just don’t disappear, Karpeles or someone else took them and likely cashed them in long ago…

I just think you give Unixmad way too much credit. He’s just a lowlife coke head that makes kids work for him for “free”. He is a scumbag, but I don’t think he’s involved in this bitcoin mess.

By the way, it seems like the Stephane Portha website with information has been taken down.

cyrpto-currency and the people who put any money in to them are pants on head retarded.

I mined .019 BTC and now im trading back and forth between that and dogecoin. so far im up 5 dollars.

Did Unixmad do 9/11, just take a moment to think about it.

  1. The twin towers were closed a week prior from the attack for “maintenance”
  2. On the day of the attack many Jewish people took a day off from work
  3. Clearly this leads up to believe Jews did 9/11
  4. Jewish people are cheapskates
  5. Unixmad is also a cheapskate, pretty much making him a jew

With all this solid evidence added up you can clearly see Unixmad = Osama Bin Laden


Tokyo, Japan, February 20th, 2014! " " Dear MtGox Customers," " Thank you for your patience this week while we are working on re-initiating bitcoin withdrawals. In addition to the technical issue, this week we have experienced some security problems, and as a result we had to relocate MtGox to our previous office building in Shibuya (details can be found here

). The move, combined with some other security and technical challenges, pushed back our progress." " As much as we didn’t want to only provide an “update on an update”, this is the current status. We are committed to solving this issue and will provide more information as soon as possible to keep everyone in the loop." " We are very sorry for the delays and deeply appreciate your kind understanding and continuous support." " Best regards," " " MtGox Team[/quote]

So it turns out that I am right that he would rip everyone off and run away with his “associates” and from what I have seen the specifics I provided on the details are probably not far off either… Also like a day before this happened someone tried to have the Exposing Stephane Portha page scrubbed and also images from imageshack and photobucket that show Stephane, Stefan & Karpeles together hamming it up and some documents. Note the whole accounts were not deleted just some very specific images… . Why would someone try to cover up some pics that would ordinarily mean nothing? This is not a “conspiracy theory” this is a financial crime in progress with clear evidence.

I don’t care if everyone thinks I am crazy if it means pointing investigators and ripped off people in the right direction towards getting justice.

So why is there still a DMCA letter from eurocenter hosted on MagicalTux’s blog?

“Stephane Portha Exposed” is nowhere to be found anymore. It might just be filtered off Google, but I think it was brought down. You should make a torrent out of it and spread it so people can make as many clones of it they’d like.