Is the dream dead...?


In pure Internet retard child fashion, they spelled his name wrong.


This thread is broken.

Why the hell is that guy chasing my sister?

what the fuck

is the dream dead you ask?
I searched “is the dream dead” on youtube >_> and this was one of the results (same song, different video)

Please don’t violate Hellsing with crappy AMVs and music choices.
Atleast it wasn’t Linkin Park, which most of the videos on Youtube contain.


ok so wat is graal reborn exactly is it from the p2p graal or trying to bring back the good graal online i remember and love

other thing, graal of old, get a good big community of nice people, to actually play at same time and we will be doing nicely

yea i know no one is on here why dont they try some advertising on the trial acc. of the p2p graal try to bring them over to graal reborn?

I heard they made a insta-ban feature that bans anyone that mentions Graal Reborn or this website in chat or pm

yes i found out the hard way lol how could we get a decent player base on here cause i like it especially enigma its unpolished and needs more direction with the quest cause i cant find ne of them but ima try to bring ppl here i have various trial acc. :smiley:

It’s a LIE! They do not have an instant ban. If I happened to say “I wish I could see Graal reborn.” I will not be instantly banned. It’s too inconvenient.

Graal Reborn is a project that provides a custom made server for older versions of the Graal client. It is like a private server for MMOs like Ragnarok Online. It is legal because we custom created the gserver to talk to the Graal client. We did not use any stolen source code or require any hacked client. You can play Graal Reborn using the old officially distributed client as long as you make proper changes to your HOSTS file.

Alternatively, if you search around, you can find links to modified versions of the client created by members of the community. We don’t officially endorse any of them, though.

site/forums need a disclaimer at bottom saying “Graal Reborn Does Not Endorse Piracy in any form”


I have been working on something for a bit now in my spare time. the beta server should be up soon or later, just having some problems with some scripting, never my strongest point. i have even got a facebook group people have been following as well. i have never posted it here, because well…i dunno, i guess i want more to show. but when i got it where it is. i will be promoting it, as well as graal reborn. just taking some time. detailed servers and all the goods for a server take some time.

but yeah, if anyone is willing to give me a hand on some of the scripting stuff, it would be much appreciated. :slight_smile: sorry i have not been online, been busy all. hope all is well. :slight_smile: