It's Thursday

Totally thought it was Friday.

Oh ya, this day could totally be mistaken for a friday. Good thing you told us it’s not ;O

That’s good news though! It means this weekend is an entire day further from the end than he had thought. Also means I still have a day to go grab the shit I need to go camping for the weekend.

Sure feels like Thursday to me.

Horrible feeling when you think it’s the last day before the weekend but then you realize you still have 2 days…

I work Sunday to Thursday so weekend has already started for me.

I had nothing to do this whole week. So it’s whatever.

It’s friday here lol.

Yup. This is a thread.

Thanks for verifying that, I had my doubts for a moment.

Guys, stay on topic please.


How could we possibly stay on topic in this thread now that it’s beyond Thursday? Are you saying we need to only post here one day a week?

Also… is Friday relevant? I actually hope Saturday is more relevant, because Saturday was friggin’ amazing!

Thursday will come again

I like Thursdays.

i like it when i get to spell Thursday

It’s actually Thor’s day fyi.

Sure is

Sun day, moon day, dunno what tuesday is, wednesday is odin’s day, thor’s day, frei’s day, saturday i have no clue what it is. :slight_smile:

The days are weird because some come from Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, and Latin origins. Sunday and Monday are consistent through all: Sun’s Day and Moon’s day.

Tuesday is Tiu’s Day(Anglo-Saxon), Tyr’s Day (Nordic) or the Day of Ares (Latin) all of whom are god’s of war.

Woden, or Odin as the Norsemen called him, corresponds to the Jupiter of the Romans. Also, it seems Jupiter was similar to Mercury (Greek), and his name was given to the Roman Dies Mercurii, day of Mercury, which still survives in the French mercredi.

Saturday is Saturn’s day. The Anglo-Saxon name Saater-daeg, from which the word Saturday comes, seems to be a translation of the Latin name (Saturn’s day), and so suggests no god of the Angles and Saxons to us.