It's time to say NO to fascism!

Ask yourself an important question. Will you accept the global fascist police state control grid? Will you accept being tracked at all times with everything you do and everywhere you go? Will you accept RFID chips, control shock and tracking bracelets and injected chips? What level of complete and total fascism will you let them get away with for nonsense such as “the sake of convenience”? When George Orwell wrote 1984 what they describe doesn’t even come close to the fascism coming into existence today! Even in Hitler, Stalin and Mao’s wettest dreams could they imagine the level of the global fascist police state control grid that has formed today! Join me today in saying NO to fascism! say NO to Facebook, say NO to Google, say NO to Microsoft, say NO to all “cloud computing” say NO to the U.S. E.U and Israeli Federal government unconstitutional fascist edicts such as the DMCA, ACTA, TCPM, and all others! Say NO to all X-Rays, naked body scanners, and illegal groping by TSA molesters and pedophiles! If someone tries forcing anything on you, you have the right to resist them using “reasonable force” under the U.S. Constitution and common-law established in most major countries, no unlawful edicts can change that!

Yo, man. You’re fuckin’ crazy.

i hate bein’ stalked on teh interwebz but wut can we do?

Well, I don’t mind a centralization of information personally. My own privacy isn’t something I prioritize highly. However, it’s not to say that making the adaptation mandatory is a good idea. No tracking should be mandatory except for criminals. Anything we do that records our location (i.e. Facebook, cell phone, RFID etc.) should be known. It is most despicable that Facebook, a social service that orients itself towards privacy, can adversely affect us. I don’t mind Facebook helping us track criminals, but I do mind when employers look at Facebook pages to examine a potential employee. Yet again, Facebook is a voluntary service and is popular because people enjoy sharing information about themselves. I wouldn’t completely blame Facebook for changing the social collective mind, but has made it acceptable and trendy to do so.

Similarly, I have no problem with cloud computing either, but can see why people fear it is the future. However, cloud computing and internet storage will never be faster than storing data locally, and it should be quite well known that entering the realm of the internet already puts your privacy at risk. Like a server, you can always purchase your own machine and host a cloud if you want its services.

What’s wrong with the DMCA? It protects our ideas and allows others to fairly use them. Sure, it could be done or written better, but it’s not inherently fascist.

I’ll admit, the TSA is stepping a bit far to ensure safety at the expense of privacy. Unlike what I said before, none of it is voluntary.

And of the three, only Hitler was fascist. The other two claim to be communist. All three are socialist, which is a fine ideology for an ideal society… which we don’t have.

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I’m personally looking forward to the day we all have chips planted in us, and can buy things from stores just my swiping our hand. All medical history, etc on there as well. And there would be no risk of identity fraud because you could put DNA on there too, or some sort of retinal scan double check. Yes… Minority report can’t happen fast enough.

That’s not fascism.

None of those men were fascists. How did you forget Mussolini or Franco? The actual fascists.

Orwell wasn’t talking about fascism. He was talking about totalitarianism via socialism.

A. Huxley was a better prophet than Orwell. In many respects, the Brave New World he described is already upon us; he describes control exercised by the government as a systematic reinforcement of desirable behaviour, by many kinds of non-violent manipulation, both physical and psychological, and by genetic standardization. Regardless, still not fascism.

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Hitler wanted to kill all the facists

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What I think Goatse is trying to argue is Liberty v. Security.

They who can give up Essential Liberty to obtain a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -Benjamin Franklin

There is a lot of argument on Liberty v. Security, but calling the American Government Fascist because of a grievance toward the Government that took some Liberty for very short amounts of time in certain areas for greater Nations Security is ridiculous.

I am a little surprised and disappointed by the responses to this. I thought at least some people here were educated about technology, and valued privacy and freedom. I am disappointed you all seem to love tyranny and fascism so much and seem to dis value human life and freedom. Please read books, please look at the facts here. go to places like and other places. Read articles from Reuters, RT News, NHK and several other sources with an objective and open eye. When you get gunned down in cold blood or get your door kicked in by the police for absolutely no reason and no warrant even after you’ve acquiesced to the tyranny, don’t say you weren’t warned for decades about this kind of thing, and don’t say you didn’t see the same exact thing happen to countless others. The checks, balances, and rule of law found in the Constitution and common law are important, and you should not ignore them in exchange to cheer for fascism and your own enslavement.

Those sites you provided for information and sources are completely biased.

You didn’t get the response you wanted because there are three groups of people in this community: ignorant children, retarded adults, and learned adults. In other words, people who don’t understand your argument, people who don’t care about your argument, and people who see that your argument is flawed and biased.

The security in airports is the same shit it’s always been. I have a metal plate in my shoulder and have always had to go through scanners and shit to get through. Now everyone has to go through them so religious extremists cannot just skip into our country and kill us. I’m so fucking sorry that people like yourself cannot grasp the fact that there are people that want you dead because of the country you live in and that the security is necessary to keep your undeserving ass safe.

The fact is that the majority of Americans trust their government. If they didn’t they wouldn’t fucking support it and they wouldn’t keep voting in a system they believe is against them. Try ranting on one of those sites you posted instead since they are all in the same state of denial as you are.

Here’s an idea, since you hate the US government so much you should go to Afghanistan and attempt to join the Anti-Democratic terrorist groups. You’ll see why we need our protection when you become one of the people they broadcast being murdered. Or, maybe one day you’ll realize that no matter how much you do not like the government for whatever fucking reason you have, you can’t do anything about it.

how about no to this bullshit thread ? I’m not worried about my person privacy , if the government wants to know what kind of porn I’m into all they have to do is ask . if your really concerned about x-ray scanners at the air port then by all means jump on al qaeda airlines (enjoy the short trip) . me myself , considering i smoke like a freight train , drink when ever possible and eat without reading the labels . i don’t fucking care , if i did I’d just take a grey hound . i agree with spoon on this one, tho i don’t always agree with the american government I’d rather be here then afghanistan, mexico, colombia, or any other country for that matter . deal with it or just move .

You’re all still wrong.

Ill gladly put a chip in my eyeball if it allows me to get on the plane faster.

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The system’s rigged man, it’s all a conspiracy.

I’ll leave the thread open for the rest of today to give GOATSE a chance to reply. I’m closing the thread when GOATSE replies or the day ends.

Oh well

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All of you.

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