I've been busy.(just letting all those projectESQ people know.)

I let a good bit of you know but i’m sure some didn’t know, but i’ve been busy these last weeks working on some stuff. I’m going to be even more busy in this upcoming month so ProjectESQ might be put on hold for a long time. I really do want to work on it but there just isn’t enough people to hire as staff. I also, personally don’t really have the time to work on it myself as of late. I definitely don’t want to kill it off, though. Anyways.

Just letting you guys know that might care. :animesmiley:

Eh? What’s ProjectESQ?

Agret invited me on there once

I think it’s one of those server’s Urza randomly hosts–It’s a freaking Shamrock with a pub and a high-tech training area!!

oh that one

Oh that lame one.

We have a “high-tech training area”? Not sure what that’s refering to, aha. We have basically a pub and an events area with I would say about 10-15 events. Our CTF is basically latted out but our script is not really ready and we currently have no active staff working on it. Haven’t even started latting the overworld, I did some “test levels” but that’s about it. I have a big huge chunk of the concept of how I want it to work set up, though. We have a few systems working though, so that’s kind of nice.

Haven’t really added much of anything to it, lol. I want to do a bunch with it but I just don’t have the time and finding staff to help work on it is near impossible because there just isn’t enough people roaming around GR. Thus calling it “lame” is a bit… silly? How can you call something that is maybe less then .5% of the way done, “lame”? Are you expecting an amazing PW with like. 1000 things to do overnight?

pfft, staff… People couldn’t even get that on official Graal back in the day and you think you’re going to get it on a server with no content. Nobody wants to be the staff on a server where they’re all out doing everything–they might as well make their own and not have somebody mess up their work. You’re either going to have to get a seriously impressive system scripted or a lot of solid levels if you want to attract any staff that probably won’t be committed anyway.

.5% done? You’ve got a huge ass project then. I suggest suicide. It’s the only way out now.

or quitting Graal

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or starting a new project

Most people are good at that.